Top 5 Google I/O Announcements!


Highlights of I/O 2012! Enjoy & Thumbs up!

1. 0:22 Android 4.1 Jellybean
2. 3:30 Nexus 7 Tablet
3. 5:07 Nexus Q System
4. 5:25 Google+ Updates
5. 5:48 Google Project Glass

New Nexus Devices:

Android Apps Updated: YouTube, Google+, Maps, Play Store, Movies and Chrome!

Google managed to get an unfinished product to live stream jumping out of a plane, bicycle down a wall, and jump onto a stage. It was done flawlessly when people could have actually died and there wasn’t a blip. No crashes, no deaths. Microsoft Surface’s browser wouldn’t launch.

Google I/O Keynote Videos:




36 replies
    DUCK BUTTER says:

    Honestly your the best one one here for GREAT Android info. Clear, to the point, interesting and informative! Thank you and keep it up. Love watching your videos.

  2. Glenn H
    Glenn H says:

    I have just subscribed. Why? Because you are a very good presenter.. I know when I see one it is in my line of work! Also your end user experience is sweet. Time stamps in the description is a nice touch. Your speech is not obscene! So many youtubers want you to subscribe when they just toss stuff together and serve you a messy plate of potty mouth madness. Keep it informal, clean and direct and you should do fine sir! Thanks again.

  3. pjtruslow
    pjtruslow says:

    i have always liked the build quality with asus products, i am currently waiting for a new asus n900 router, blu-ray drive and sound card in the mail, and i should not be let down. the nexus 7 is definitely on my wish list when it releases.

  4. gallit81
    gallit81 says:

    That is the development model. So that developers can start and support the project with apps and ideas. It is not open to the public and only US developers can buy one for now. The shipping date is early next year.


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