Top 5 Google I/O 2016 Recap!


Everything you need to know from Google I/O!

Top 5 Android N Features:

Full Google I/O 2016 keynote:

5: Android N Improvements [0:25]
4: Google Assistant [1:43]
3: Allo and Duo [3:35]
2: Daydream VR[5:44]
1: Instant Apps [6:50]

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee




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  1. Horace Silver
    Horace Silver says:

    Question, so how long will it take other (non-google) android devices to get Android N? This video kinda just sold me on getting a Nexus 6p…if the updates to other phones take a long time

  2. jpusar
    jpusar says:

    Late to this, but that demo for B&H is HUGE for ecommerce. Being able to instantaneously grab a PDP of the app with your personalized shopping experience and auto-paying without even downloading an app is amazing for instantaneous online shopping.

    Thinking here as an Email Marketer: A guy gets a sale from Bonobos on sweaters. He's super casual. Doesn't really follow very often, but likes the subject/sale. Clicking on the email, instead of a clunky web page with tons of pages and options to bounce out, it navigates to a Play App personalized with their experience, and can purchase it automatically without any information entered in.

    To boot, the app gives incentives (loyalty programs) to shop again as an added measure to convert the customer as a loyalist.

    That's YUUUGE

    To top it off, I can see this becoming a functionality within Chrome itself, since you're just loading a App API from the Play Store. Nice way to have this functionality within competing devices (such as iOS).

    Can see a lot of small ecommerce players in the market develop apps for Android so they can get dibs on this functionality.

  3. Dantai
    Dantai says:

    I still do not understand why Google can not replicate iMessage – a unified data/wifi/sms messaging app that does media over wifi/data, wifi/data voice calling and video calling all in one app.

    Now they have Allo, Duo, Hangouts and Messenger – 4 apps – that still can't do what ONE iOS app does well…


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