Top 3 YouTube App Missing Features!


The New YouTube app is great… But it’s missing some HUGE features!

This is my wishlist for the YouTube app. Hop to it, Google!

1. Annotations 0:53
2. The Comments System 1:46
3. All the Little Things 2:48

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5




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  1. cani j
    cani j says:

    Just round 4 years later I'm watching this video. I came across it when I was trying to find out how I can get that "blue like bar" —
    and damn! YOU ARE SO RIGHT. I'm not active on YouTube by uploading stuff so a few things you mentioned were new to me (and maybe they have changed),

    How about giving an update on things you are STILL missing on YouTube mobile so people get more aware of it! It can't be true that the YouTube app is still lacking several of its key functions.
    Come on Google people in charge,
    get your ass up and do somethin!

  2. Luke Emanuels
    Luke Emanuels says:

    How to like comment in Android:
    1. Comment on the video
    2.Open Google Plus app and tap Notafication bell and tap "earlier read"
    3.You'll see the video with comments and tap a comment,then tap "…..+1"

  3. BitFan
    BitFan says:

    Funny, he has ad blocker installed on his browser and he's a professional you tuber, if everyone did the same he would be looking for a real job right now.

  4. Julian Brown
    Julian Brown says:

    hay man, just seen your video, 3 things youtube app has missed. I think everything you said was true, but I still wish the app had autoplay like desktops n laptops….

  5. ThePeoplesChamp
    ThePeoplesChamp says:

    Notification system sucks on the app and the fact that you can't see the comment thumbs ups in the comment section also sucks. Other than that it's a great app, especially since the last major update (few months ago)

  6. carlinfan4life
    carlinfan4life says:

    no way to modify the speed of the videos. how many times has someone uploaded a whole CD onto youtube? a lot! the problem is, the music needs to have it's speed modified. no way to do that on my android tablet. i heard you can modify the html5 settings, but i tried that and the settings are already optimized. so, no way to speed up, or slow down, a video on my. android tablet..

  7. torjalfa
    torjalfa says:

    Thanks man! This explain it all, and sadly but true, the app for Youtube is going more and more for video only.. I miss the posibility to read and write comments, but then I've to drop the app complete. Bye, bye to the app then..

  8. adam johnson
    adam johnson says:

    Great points buddy, everything you said is the same B.S problems I'm having with youtube app on xbox one.. I wish we could make more noise about this. You making this video is a awesome start! Thanks buddy

  9. thewangthatwas
    thewangthatwas says:

    What about being able to open multiple youtube tabs at once? On my laptop here I don't want to exit a video that I haven't watched all the way, but I want to watch another video. On my laptop I just puase the video, open a new chrome tab and go to youtube, but there's no way to have more than one video up at once, so I have to exit. It'd be epic if you could open multiple youtube tabs at once so I don't have to exit an unfinished video.

  10. Magnorphieous The Great
    Magnorphieous The Great says:

    Soooo I came here to watch mkbhd discuss, in his opinion, the top 5 features of the latest installment of Google's mobile operating system, Android(4.4 KitKat). Buuuut I was redirected to this video, which threw me for a loop. It is happening everytime; I am using the YouTube mobile app on android BTW.

  11. Victor P.
    Victor P. says:

    I wish there was a way to access and see your top rated comments from all any videos you commented on. I also remember in past youtube layouts that youtube used to display more information, like channel views and how many videos you've watched on your channel. I want theses things and more to come and comeback to youtube!

  12. Sam Russell
    Sam Russell says:

    no i'm not a shill….but i use this awesome youtube app on ios called mxtube and love it…it has all the features of the ios <5 app as well as more features and an ios 7 matching interface…also you don't have to go through those video ads before starting a video….you can reply to comments…you can use all the featured/most popular/etc sections without having to scroll through subbed channels…and one more thing….you can save any vid for offline because fuck verizon's limited data plan

  13. B.M. Ziauddin Azmi
    B.M. Ziauddin Azmi says:

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