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Questions posed in TLDR: What Do You Want to Know in an iPad Air 2 Review?

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Microsoft will show off Windows 10 mobile and touch-first Office for Windows at its January 21 Windows 10 event, but the first mobile preview isn’t likely until February.

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Ocho – Favorite Tech Product of 2014 #TopTech


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19 replies
  1. Wade Yates
    Wade Yates says:

    I like this VPN service “www kanat unique” (Google it), it helps you be able to gain access to apps and web sites that you might be unable to access on other wifi networks. I find it to be superb. A VPN app without restrictions in access time is rare. Allows me to gain access to Netflix and such.I strongly recommend it.

  2. Archivist42
    Archivist42 says:

    I wonder what would happen if Windows suddenly disappeared from the world. Mac os x  is exclusive to Macs (with the exception of hackintoshs) so it wouldn't really be a viable replacement. Unless of course if Apple made Mac Os officially supported for hardware besides their own.

     Linux I guess could work, but perhaps it would need further development for a wider appeal. Who knows, maybe chromes OS would become standard! Removing windows from the equation right now would be like pulling out the foundational blocks in a Jenga tower. 

  3. Richard Patry
    Richard Patry says:

    I have been running Windows 10 since september and I like it a lot. The PC is still my preferable machine. A tablet is not and will never replace a PC. I need Windows, so much that I use my Mac less and less since I have Win 10.

  4. Scotty D
    Scotty D says:

    Just my humble opinion but, an 8 Second collaborative video would never work, purely because you HATE editing video… and to weed thru plausibly thousands of 8 second videos per week and edit them together to a single run would nearly be a full-time job for someone to manage… The numbers just don't add up from a financially sustainable model. For example if JUST your Patrons submitted 8 second responses you would have nearly a 2 hour video every week with 8 second segments. Anyone who knows video editing, knows that on average for every minute of runtime you see on screen, there's typically 3 minutes of editing. The 1:3 ratio is key here… for a 2 hour video, that's 6 hours of editing…  Furthermore, I honestly think IF someone were to watch it they would tune out in the first few moments because of jump cut editing that would have to take place… you would get eye fatigue fast.

    On the Microsoft topic… I think people would be BEST served by trying out alternative Operating Systems. I know that Apple is an obvious next option but I am also talking about OS's like Linux Mint or Ubuntu.

    As a fellow content producer on YouTube, I totally get the Patreon model and respect it more than I ever thought I would… the CPM model of YouTube is broken and doesn't provide a sustainable ROI for most channel owners and content producers.

    Your baby looks at black very easily and attentively because up thru about 6 months of age they respond best to contrasting colors like Black, White and Red. That's why you see these colors predominantly on baby toys. High-contrast colors will captivate and hold baby’s attention. It's not necessarily because it's her favorite. 

  5. Michael Eady
    Michael Eady says:

    Chris it happend in Australia with the stormtooper but he was lucky though I live in Australia and I dont see many snakes unless I go out in the outback  ( Just letting you know )  🙂


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