Thursday Boots President Boots Review - Worth it More than the Thursday Boots Natural?


2 years ago I did my first Thursday Boots review, in co. Kerry, in Ireland. 2 years later I’m back making this Thursday Boots President Boots review. Are these Thursday Boots President boots worth it more than the Natural? Or should you perhaps go for the very similar Captain boots instead?

If you end up getting these after watching this video, you support the channel buy buying through this Amazon link:
Here are the very similar Captain boots:

…Meaning I can make better reviews more often. Thursday Boots do have more color options on their actual site, though, if you do not find the right color on Amazon.

Link to my favorite Thursday Boots Explorer review:
Link to Thursday Boots Captain Natural 1 year later review:

Back to posting clothing and tech reviews of products that help, weekly, so see you around!

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  1. nikhilsrl
    nikhilsrl says:

    I have the Captains Naturals and have the same issue with laces. They come loose very easily and the speed hooks are also not that easy to use. Otherwise I like those boots.

  2. SanjayTheDog
    SanjayTheDog says:

    Hi! I really appreciate your boot reviews, as I'm currently choosing my first pair of Thursday boots. Would you recommend the Captain Brandy or Natural? I like both, but I want the one that is maybe more versatile than the other. I noticed that the Naturals were seemingly darker in color in your review than advertised on the website. Do they darken over time, or was that just because of lighting?

  3. Stephen Ryan
    Stephen Ryan says:

    Great video, I bought the Captains boot based off your review. What is your opinion on the "Thursday Drop"? The Captains are boots I like taken overall, although after a while the footbed gets less comfortable.


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