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A brief look at the Thrustmaster Warthog H.O.T.A.S. An outstanding product with top notch build quality. Hear our thoughts and let us know in the comments what you think of the product.


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  1. deltaleader71
    deltaleader71 says:

    Well use it for a while and see how it holds up for you. I have seen a lot of problems come up with the build quality, issues with various switches and internal boards failing on this. Good luck trying to get good service from them as well. It is quite an expensive setup considering the low quality materials that it is made of. The metal feel is deceiving because it is cheap pot metal or something (very soft metal). I have had to send mine back for repair twice and the third time I just had them send me the replacement parts to fix it myself. They need to pay more attention to details and build quality on these things.


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