This New Technology Can Cure Cancer (And Possibly The Coronavirus)


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  1. Kelly Kolda
    Kelly Kolda says:

    They’ll never let this happen. Drug companies and Doctors bread and butter is sick people. This will wipe out all the sickness. Hopefully they find a new way to rape our bank accounts so this will be a thing

  2. maxx fury
    maxx fury says:

    Better be careful making something that actually stops cancer. The government and big pharma won't make money and something would end up happening to you and your family. It's sad we live in a world like this but here we are.

  3. Narice Ferguson
    Narice Ferguson says:

    man everybody on here talking s*** about how they can't afford it but you forgot that you can go into debt and pay it off whenever you want!!! Negative nancies they won't take you to prison over medical debt Jesus!!!!


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