This iPad Keyboard Case Turns Your iPad Into a Laptop


ipad 9.7 keyboard case here
Exact case on my ipad 9.7 ipad
New ipad pro 11 now available here
New iPad Pro 12.9
ipad pro 10.5 version
ipad mini version
WARNING: Make sure you verify the version ipad you have to match case. Mine is the 2017 9.7 ipad.

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45 replies
  1. Andrew Gross
    Andrew Gross says:

    Nicely done. You could give lessons in how to do do reviews on youtube. One thing I would have added — comments on weight; how did the weight compare to comparable keyboards.

  2. King Eris
    King Eris says:

    I’m actually really loving this video. What a great keyboard. If this keyboard sucks. Then who ever makes this keyboard needs to hire you. I’m going to buy it right now

  3. Cristal Dominguez Vasquez
    Cristal Dominguez Vasquez says:

    I’ve had this keyboard for about a year now and recently it stopped working. I thought it was because it wasn’t charged, so I charged it. It still doesn’t connect! I can’t type anything , but the backlight still works. What should I do?

  4. Vintage Doll
    Vintage Doll says:

    Did anyone buy this but for the mini 4? I noticed the link below the video has the mini version link, when clicked the mechanism to hold the iPad is different from this one in the video. Reviews on amazon have screen cracked from that mechanism. Would like to know if anyone bought it for a mini 4 and it worked.


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