The Ultimate Massage Gun Comparison Review


Six of the top massage guns are compared and reviewed.

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  1. Floyd Prescott
    Floyd Prescott says:

    But why are we calling some guns knock offs from China when ALL OF THEM are manufactured in China? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

    Truth is I have tried what some would consider “knock offs” straight from the manufacturer and they work better than pretty much all of these guns.

  2. Jith Ennacheril
    Jith Ennacheril says:

    I noticed you didn't mention the travel length of the tip. I was told that if the travel length is too short it's more like a vibration rather than a percussive deep massage. Would you be able to tell us that?

  3. DaveJShank
    DaveJShank says:

    Tried the Youlisn, returned it the same day because it wouldn't charge. Purchased the Theragun g3pro. It kicks A$$! I'm 53 and I DO have sore muscles and joints. However in a very short amount of time using it my pain have lessened a great deal. I have charged it quite a few times in only days because I used it a lot. It's not magic. I've had to give a lot of attention to the sore spots. It's powerful and goes deep. The message heads have a bit of cushion and give which is nice. On the downside the directions were horrible. Nothing really. I had to research online how long to charge etc. I charged both batteries to full capacity (until the light stopped blinking). It takes about an hour to charge and because the batteries shouldn't be left in the charger I set an alarm for an hour and remove the battery and unplug the charger. I also remove the battery from the Theragun as recommended when not in use. Other than the less than ideal battery charging. I totally love it. The feel and power and ease of use is very nice. And I know people want to know about the NOISE. I live in an apartment. It's not whisper quiet but it is not too loud to use. Wish you all the best of luck with your buying decisions. Thanks Best Massage Tech for the great insights and review. You Rock!

  4. Chuck
    Chuck says:

    Does anybody experience any jiggling of the metal neck where the interchangeable tips attach to? I've had my TIM TAM power massager for about a week and a half now and there seems to be some excessive jiggling and powdered stainless steel falling out of the massager's motor area. The jiggling concerns me, and the powdered stainless steel coming out means that the steel is being shaved off when the device is on and pressed into muscle. It's unfortunate because I can't have the powdered material fall on clients that I work on. I have contacted customer service about this

  5. DaveJShank
    DaveJShank says:

    Thanks for the nice complete comparison. You answered many of my questions. I was looking at the new TimTam 2.0 which claims to have a 10db sound rating at its lowest setting. They also claim a longer battery life. However they are a bit candid on the FULL specs. What is the decibels for all 3 settings and how long is the battery life? Makes me a little leery of making a purchase. I'm stuck between your top 2 choices here but still a little curious of the new TimTam. Great job on the video it was really helpful.

  6. Asad Khan
    Asad Khan says:

    excellent reviews thank you! I purchased the pleno, I also found that I was able to stall it, not so easily. However, on certain areas it did stall – meaning ceratin problem areas couldn't be addressed. Although massage guns are really helping me, looking to purchase my theragun

  7. CV
    CV says:

    I don't get this shit. This is nothing new percussion therapy has been around for years. You can easily pick up a purewave "percussion massager" for 125.00 on amazon and does 3700 RPM. So why would i dish out almost 500 dollars for this?

  8. Coach L
    Coach L says:

    Great review! Thanks man. Got the Train Performance gun. By far the best for me! Has all the best features of each gun in one. Don't know if they updated since you put this together, but mine doesn't stop with pressure. It's crazy strong.


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