The Tech Jesuit reviews The Samsung Galaxy S2 (T989)


‘gadget’ episode 199

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In this episode of ‘gadget’ we take a look at the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 – This Android phone has quietly raised the bar for what we expect out of our smartphones.



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  1. LethalPhatGuy
    LethalPhatGuy says:

    this phone still pretty good espcially if you root it throw a good rom on it get rid of touch wiz makes it just a fast as some newer pones i suggest Cm 11 or parnoid android lighting fast.i am a huge tech head love newer phones but i still use this sometimes becasue it small comapred to todays.

  2. da da
    da da says:

    How do you get the Samsung Gs2 t989 to vibrate on receiving text messages? Even though I've set notifications to sound and vibrate, it won't. I do know that this is possible because I've done it once but I've forgotten how to. Respond please!

  3. IamGilgamesh666
    IamGilgamesh666 says:

    That is a really well written, well produced review. Your voice is excellent; have you any experience voice acting? Anyway, I bought this phone but I'm waiting for delivery… I can't get enough!

  4. Tanecia V. Fagan
    Tanecia V. Fagan says:

    Hey, I just wanna know if i buy this phone unlocked if il be able to use it with all it's features which whatever sim card i get from my data service provider. Tried ordering this phone from a site and they told me that since the phone is unlocked, i wont be able to browse.. I've never had a problem with unlocked phones before however I'm just curious as to whether this is the case or that site in particular has disabled the browser settings..

    Thanks in advance for your assistance

  5. amthonys
    amthonys says:

    hey i had a big question: is there a way i could get the one with the button in the middle for t-mobile also if not what is the difference between the two?

  6. Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ
    Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ says:

    Thanks PaxPsych0sis,

    I'm glad you like the device. I actually BOUGHT the unit and it's my primary phone. (My secondary is a Windows Phone) — As for me and my faith… if you can't laugh at your own beliefs once in a while, they're not really beliefs you want to keep. 🙂
    Fr. Robert

  7. Moosehair Underwear
    Moosehair Underwear says:

    I LOVE how you used nick swardsons pretend time "gay robot" skit to show video playback! LOLOL thank you for being human, unlike other faiths *cough* Christians *cough* .
    Also I the look on your face was priceless when you introduced the device! I had a good chuckle. Great review! thank you. I bought the t-mobile version because of the increased specs, and had it unlocked. My favorite device to date! I'm the kind of guy that buys a new phone every 2 months, this one is a keeper, for a while lol

  8. Tech Mobo
    Tech Mobo says:

    @gadgettts A video/ pixel resolution etc.. U know what i mean, basically how do i find videos like you did that are HD and can fit almost the entire screen of the tmobile samsung galaxy s2(t989)

  9. Tech Mobo
    Tech Mobo says:

    Can you tell me how i can find hd videos that fit almost the entire screen? Please please answer i have been looking forever to find this answer and i could not. Most hd videos i have played are like half the screen 🙁


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