The State of 4K: 2017! (in 8K)


4K, 8K and beyond! The state of high resolution hardware.

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track : AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros) – “Connery” (Unreleased) – preorder here :




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  1. ADHIN
    ADHIN says:

    M havin a question, does the lenovo laptops contain 8k screen, cause my lenovo laptop is showing me an 8K option in the quality section of your video, and it is lookin so frickin crispy.

  2. Nikos video pro.
    Nikos video pro. says:

    2:22 I've compliled into a single playlist 191 8K videos as of April 2019!
    Marques, on the day you published this video (at Feb 16, 2017) my playlist had 80 videos! So you are correct unless we both missed to discover some.

  3. VEKTR0
    VEKTR0 says:

    "If you're buying a 4K TV, it should be 4K." Hmmm, might not be what you meant to say 😛 also, watched this with the 8K setting, no issue, expect for the fact that I watched it on a 4K monitor.

  4. Norton S
    Norton S says:

    I watch this video in 8k on my FHD 55 inch monitor (PC i9-9900k, RTX 2080) ). So why would I want to pay for a 4k or 8k TV if all I need is good video card and processor?

  5. Asanda Ndimande
    Asanda Ndimande says:

    Me: Hey laptop can I play Far Cry 3?
    Laptop : Yeah What ever go ahead.
    Me: Can I raise the settings to 1920×1080 at medium settings?
    Laptop: Sure what ever?
    Me: Can I watch Youtube on Chrome?
    Laptop: Are kidding me go ahead and open up 8 Tabs if you like.
    Me: Ok I don't need 8 Tabs Just 8K mkbhd video.
    Laptop: Go F** yourself I ain't Playing that sh**.
    Me: I'ma Play anyway.
    Laptop: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. System Error.


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