The Samsung Galaxy S10 Model!


Galaxy S10 is coming up soon – Hands-on with exactly what to expect.

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  1. Rene Velez
    Rene Velez says:

    If you care about sound quality listening to music like MP3 or any kind of audio file. Be aware it's not good. Audio quality is atrocious. I switched from the LG V30+ to the S10e. I regret it. Battery is smaller. Also what these reviews are not telling you are connectivity issues with LTE. Also battery drain on sleep mode which shouldn't happen. Went from 98% at night, by morning it was at 64% without being touched. There are a lot of bugs they are not telling you about. Be aware before purchasing. They rushed the release. These guys who reviewed this phone are getting paid to avoid the issues. They don't know if it's hardware or software. A lot of updates. So far I've had 3 in 12 days.

  2. Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson says:

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  3. Steve Mano
    Steve Mano says:

    I love the S10 design. However, there are two things that stop me from buying. The smoothness of the iOS and the camera capability of the iPhone XS.

  4. Tupac-Amaru Shakur
    Tupac-Amaru Shakur says:

    holy shit !!! which dumb a** would buy a over 1.000 € smartphone by release ? sorry the prices are not proportional. i stay with my galaxy s9+ for now. after 5, 6 month of the release date, perhaps i would buy one of the s10 series phones

  5. The 18th Fret
    The 18th Fret says:

    After years of using Galaxy and Note models, I switched to One Plus. I was tired of the ever too familiar Samsung sluggish phones. I'm sure these newer models probably don't have these issues but it's going to take something special to sway be back from One Plus. A phone that's half the price, does it all and is always super fast. Also, I can't buy a phone with a notch. I'll take a slightly smaller screen, but no notch. No thank yaaaoouu.

  6. K S
    K S says:

    Just a small question, around 4:50 you see that the edges are black. I really like the black design in this video. But when I look on the Samsung website, or other webshops, it seems that the edges are in grey/chrome. I really don't like it that way, it looks cheap. Also in all videos they talk about black, green and white. But on some websites I also see blue. Can someone clearify all this please?

  7. O U
    O U says:

    look at these poor android apple bashing cunts in the comments with their J5s after realising they can’t afford the new model

  8. Eyüp SUCU
    Eyüp SUCU says:

    Samsung Turkey Service don't help me. Samsung They don't contact me.

    They're not interested.

    Samsung's warranty is unreliable.

    I Regreded that I bought Samsung.


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