The RED Raven Camera Kit: It's Back!


RED Raven is back from the dead – here’s your exclusive first look.

It can be found in the form of a camera kit at select Apple stores and at

Official announcement:

RED Tech library:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee


Camera kit provided by RED for video.



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  1. SergeyTaran_
    SergeyTaran_ says:

    Привет, если ты каким-то чудом увидел этот коммент и даже понимаешь язык на котором написан этот коммент – не поленись – загляни на мой канал я снимаю в каком-то смысле уникальный контент. Посмотри, оцени, а понравится контент и подача – подписывайся. Буду рад тебя видеть в числе моих первых зрителей

  2. No-Conspiracy No-Jobs
    No-Conspiracy No-Jobs says:

    Hey Blackie,

    If I say I'm RCA Bipolar, will I get discount on RED Ravern from Apple store. RCA is already making fortune off my fake disease. Bet that's when you switched

    Shame on Apple though, selling predatory products like RED

  3. jujufactory
    jujufactory says:

    Never buy a Red. They are known for discontinuing products without notice and dump users who dont invest in the latest product. Never ever invest in a Red.

  4. Nerd Panda
    Nerd Panda says:

    For everyone that is wondering why it's very expensive, not because iTs aPpLe AnD fUc aPplE ,because red cinema cameras are for professionals and soooo expensive
    did anyone see the 2nd marquees at the background?

  5. Pablo A
    Pablo A says:

    why do you need a 4K Raw camera if your videos are made for tech reviews on Youtube and not for a Hollywood Film or Ad? Sorry but its kinda stupid

  6. MEDiAgamer
    MEDiAgamer says:

    In my opinion; people who only do YouTube videos should not be allowed to purchase High-end cinema cameras like from Red, Arri, Canon, Panasonic, or Sony. If you want to shoot YT videos in 4K, you should only be allowed to shoot those on a Canon, Panasonic or Sony cameras that shoots in 4K, like the GH5, A7 Series, 1DX mark II, etc… If you want to get a higher end video camera, like from Canon, they should only sell you a camera from the C100 series. You should have to prove that you're a legitimate video production company before they let you buy a Red Raven, or a C200, or a Panasonic EVA-1. When YouTubers invest in these higher-end cameras just to make talking head videos and shoot B-Roll in their bedrooms, it really bothers me. And I think it hurts the industry more than it helps it. It makes people think that they need to be shooting in 4K all the time, which is 100% false, most of your clients won't even be able to notice the difference, nor have a need for 4K. Just because you shoot a nice looking video with good lighting and audio (like most YouTubers) Doesn't make you a professional video company. People, You don't need to spend $15,000 to make a good "Crispy" video. The camera is only a tool, the real skill comes from it's operator. A good cinematographer can make any camera look good. YOU DON"T NEED THIS CAMERA FOR YOUTUBE!!! These YouTubers generally get sponsors, which is how they can afford all of this nice equipment. Again YOU DON"T NEED THIS CAMERA FOR YOUTUBE!!!

  7. Ed
    Ed says:

    Great cam! But at $15,000 it’s almost three times the price of a Blackmagic Ursa Mini – which does exactly the same thing the Raven does…


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