The Razer Blade - Preview


Is this the ultimate laptop?

Check it out here:

Full Promo from Razr:

Compared to the 17″ MBP:
~20% faster processor
~Double the RAM
~Smaller, but Faster Hard Drive
~Better graphics + Double the VRAM
~Better trackpad

Only 12% more expensive.

“Overpriced” is a relative term… those who make fruity tech choices will find this price quite reasonable.

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  1. tionderes
    tionderes says:

    you should consider taking a look at SANTECH Notebook they let you decide what components you want on your notebook and trust me you can build stuff more powerful than the razer notebook yeah not so thin but still not so big as the Alienware. And also with the same power of the razer notebook your are gonna spend less money. take a peek at the G37 on their website and chose the components

  2. Rich Homie Kings
    Rich Homie Kings says:

    Nice with the Macbook pro on steroids but I probs shouldn't had let my little sister watch the video with me she asked me what steroids are I said "They are pills that make you eat ice cream all the time" she said "I want some" I told her "No you can't have any ill just get some from the ice cream truck tomarrow"

  3. karlzhao314
    karlzhao314 says:

    My dream laptop is this Razor Blade that they've fitted with a desktop i7 Extreme Edition, which is hard enough on it's own, but also that they've fitted with dual GTX Titans. Not to mention 64 GB of 2133.33 MHz RAM.

  4. Jack S
    Jack S says:

    My dream Laptop:
    15" Retina Display
    Up to 4 external displays
    Dual quad core intel i7 cpus
    Dual ATI 5000m graphics
    Huge water cooling radiator
    Backlit keyboard
    3/4 inches thin
    5" glass trackpad
    2x 512gb ssd in raid 0
    windows 8
    Internal HDMI capture card
    5 USB 3 Ports
    When the laptop is on battery, 1 cpu will be used and underclocked. When more power is needed, the extra cpu will turn as well as graphics cards. When Plugged in, every thing will be on, but underclocked.

  5. boatoflol
    boatoflol says:

    Apple is just overhyped cheap, good looking hardware with mostly average specs.
    Alienware is just the same good hardware, a little bit overclocked and just exremely overpriced. Buying for example a good case and putting in the best and most high end hardware there is (except for the brutally expensive stuff like 40k$ SSDs). will get you a good looking pc (you can just use your shitty mac OS with it too), which is faster than any alienware or mac pro pc.

  6. Juan
    Juan says:

    Oh yes! Look at the MSI GT70 0NE-276US, it is probably the strongest laptop you could find, but it is literally the same price as this. However, well worth it.

  7. Juan
    Juan says:

    Yeah, 2k is the absolute max I would pay, and that is generous since this is still a GTX 660m and not a GTX 675m or a GTX 680m. I would not mind have a GTX 660m with this form factor for 2k rather than a 1.5k laptop with a GTX 680m.

  8. Porsche Duésnburg
    Porsche Duésnburg says:

    Ja, I forgot about that x.x but like, highest I would be willing to pay for something like that…. hmmmmm, 2k? I could do without that bloody LCD crap in the side, I just want that power in that form-factor 😀 looks travel friendly too (I do a lot of CG modeling on the go) but after lugging around this GX700 for some time, I know a thing or two about weight LOL

    Looks like I have to wait for some to pop up on eBay 🙁 at the moment anything would be more powerful than this GX700 lol

  9. Juan
    Juan says:

    Indeed, I hate that they overpriced it so much because it looks fantastic. There is no laptop in the same form factor with the same specs, but it still does not justify the price. Also, more than 1GB of VRAM means nothing if you have 8GB of SDRAM, because the GPU would just borrow from the SDRAM.

  10. Porsche Duésnburg
    Porsche Duésnburg says:

    I was merely going off the specs of what I could find at HP on their ENVY17 notebooks, the HD7850M supposedly is capable of up to 4.97GB of GDDR5 VRAM

    I dunno, maybe its just me but dual core is so yesterday. A fully loaded Sager is more powerful than the Blade in every way and is cheaper, which for someone like me where design appeals more, it sucks cause I love the design of the Blade more than any computer so far 😀 I just don't agree with that price lol its overkill.

  11. Porsche Duésnburg
    Porsche Duésnburg says:

    In my opinion, the Blade was a tiny bit too much compared to something like the ENVY17, the specs are kinda par with eachother to be honest but I personally like minimalistic body designs and flat, like my GX700. It's fascist ja but for some reason I hate computers with slants/wedges so extreme that I can use them as a BMX ramp lol

  12. handyman646
    handyman646 says:

    yea i have come to realize that dell has terrible customer service which is why i protect this thing with my life haha-always carry with two hands and when they get sweaty put the laptop down haha

  13. handyman646
    handyman646 says:

    i will agree 100% that asus is more bang or your buck, its just that the m18x is the only laptop i know of that can have dual radeon 7970's which was my selling point haha i literally spent an entire day contemplating which to choose, but this razer would never have crossed my mind

  14. handyman646
    handyman646 says:

    also dont go dissing alienware unless youved owned one just because some fanboy writes a shitty review dosent mean its bad, look at mw3 on metacritic just becuase the user review is bad dosen't mean it is bad,it just means that all the people who hated it went to go write a review while all the ones who actually enjoyed it didn't give to fucks about writing a positive reivew and just continued on enjoying their game


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