The Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Wireless Audio System [Review]


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Even my dad – at 68 – is jammin’ to tunes on the ski hill so I’m not really sure who’s not these days. If you’re like my Dad, you love cranking your favorite song while you glide down groomers. If you’re like me, it’s an absolute necessity to keep your mind from wandering towards what could happen if you totally case the booter in the park. No matter what kind of skiing you are in to, Outdoor Tech will have you jamming out all day long with the Chips 2.0. They are easy to use, wireless, and last all day long.

I love that the Chips 2.0 are simple yet they are extremely functional- they’re nothing fancy but they don’t have to be. They give out amazing sound quality but you’ll hardly notice they’re there. Even if the headphones battery should die on you (they’ve never died on me and I’ve ridden with them for a few consecutive days) you can wire in your media device and they’ll play forever when they’re wired in.

The charge port is easy to access while your Chips are mounted in your favorite helmet of choice so it’s not a big deal to charge them after a long day on the hill. The Chips will pretty much fit in any helmet that has access in the ear pads for audio – I have tried them in both a Bern Helmet and a Smith Helmet and they go in effortlessly.

Getting used to how the two buttons (one on each earpiece) work does take a little bit of time and a few uses. Once you have it down, they are so easy to navigate and work really well. I haven’t had an issue with Bluetooth connection because I usually have my phone in my chest pocket. If you happen to leave your backpack with your friend on the lift behind you, I’m not sure the Bluetooth would reach but if you keep your device close, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Not only can you listen to tunes while you ride, you can also use your phone without taking your mittens off. This is probably Tyson’s favorite feature about the Chips 2.0 system is that he can skip a song, turn the volume up, or pause all without removing his gloves. This is extremely nice for those bone-chilling days.

There is also a Walkie Talkie feature built into the Chips 2.0 however we have not really gotten the feature to work. We haven’t spent too much time with it, but from what we can find it won’t work for our application. You have to have cell service in order for it to work proficiently and often times skiing in CO we do not have service. We did not want the Chips 2.0 for this feature so it really doesn’t impact us at all. If you are strictly looking for the Walkie Talkie feature and that is your main reason for purchasing these, I would talk to someone with more experience on the topic to really steer you in a clear direction.

Overall, the Chips 2.0 system has made our lives of listening to tunes while cruising down the slopes easier. Not only is the sound quality amazing, they are extremely easy to use without taking your gloves off. If you’re looking for more rugged, durable and extremely functional Outdoor Tech gear, be sure to check out our reviews.


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  1. jay Seifert
    jay Seifert says:

    Could the walkie-talkie feature may be phone and carrier dependent? About 10 years ago I was a technical designer for a provider of cell towers & part of my role was the IMS centralized core. Other engineers were developing what we called "push to talk" for Verizon & AT&T so I would expect that feature (which would be needed for this to work) is now available for both of those carriers but if you are on any other less-complex carriers cell tower… it may not work. I just got mine so have not had any opportunity to try them out yet.


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