The Matte Black OnePlus 3T!


Same phone. New color: Midnight black. The hype is real!
The RED iPhone 7:

Midnight black 1+3T:

Giveaway soon:

Video Gear I use:


Phone provided by OnePlus for video.



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  1. Fausto VaronaF
    Fausto VaronaF says:

    Dear Marques Brownlee:
    I'm aware that you own multiple oneplus 3/3T devices. I don´t know if you use them all but in case you don't would you give one to me please?

    PD: Had to try 🙂

  2. Fuchsi Fuchs
    Fuchsi Fuchs says:

    oh my god… i hate the one plus software… why dont they do a optimized software instead of using nearly stock andriod?? why??? is there a way to install the grace ux from the s8 on the 3t?? it will be ablolutely amazing!!! please help and i will buy an oneplus 3t /one plus 4 instead of s8

  3. Ian Kasela
    Ian Kasela says:

    can someone help, i consider to buy between note 5 and op3T, wheres the best between those: camera, user experience and performance?
    i love note 5 pen but i love too the midnight black colour of op3T.

  4. abhimanyu Chandel
    abhimanyu Chandel says:

    hey marques , i'm a big fan !
    i was struggling between v20 and 3T by both of your videos
    can you do a comparison or detail resources so i can choose one ?

    or if cant simple is that just reply which one you will prefer v20 or 3T ?
    please please please

  5. B S.
    B S. says:

    The best got even better with this new exterior. I love this matte black color that Iphone and OnePlus is pushing out. Even if it is evident that they copied the color, and to some extent the design. Still it stands out on its own and shows the competitors that they are not here to play any games ! The shit just got real #FlagshipKiller


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