The iPad Pro... A computer for everywhere [Review]


The iPad Pro is a fun, futuristic, familiar, and f…. pretty great. It’s versatile, and has more processing power that you’ll know what to do with. That’s why it’s my favorite computer to use anywhere I can.

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  1. herminio perez
    herminio perez says:

    Biased af lol this aint no pro and yeah its useful at what its good at but it wont replace osx or a full fledge os with a real os features just like android, apple wont allow that. Hardware is nice, ios is trash

  2. Brah
    Brah says:

    The 2018 IPad 9.7 has become my main daily driver. If there’s something the IPad isn’t capable of doing I use my MacBook Air. So yes depending on ones needs the IPad can be used as a main computer.

  3. Hazox
    Hazox says:

    For school work, whenever I’m doing work I usually use my phone a lot more than my computer since I find it easier to just take it out and search something up as opposed to going through the hellish turn on and login process of computers so the iPad Pro would be perfect for me

  4. Angelo Villones
    Angelo Villones says:

    This is, so far, only one of three reviews I found that concluded that the iPad Pro can replace a laptop depending on what you need it for. This is the only review I know of that actually calls the iPad a computer and it is.

    Personally, I could switch to an iPad Pro if I want it. I'm not dependent on external drives. I'm use cloud based storage via Google Drive for most of word files and projects already. I can adapt to using a bluetooth keyboard or the iPad touch keyboard to type up documents. As for some other casual tasks, I could do it on an iPad as well. The only reason why haven't is because I'm still reliant on a mouse/trackpad to navigate through my work which is why I plan to get a MacBook instead. I'm not ready to ditch that UI yet. The other issue I have is that mobile apps and safari on the iPad are not the full versions, compared to the apps in MacOS. Fortunately, Apple and some third party developers plan to bring their desktop-class apps, like Photoshop, to iOS and have it optimize for touch. When the iPad gets more desktop-class apps and a desktop-class Safari that are optimized for touch, then I'll consider switching to the iPad and abandon the mouse/trackpad.

    Although I'm not ready to get the iPad Pro as my main computer, it is the first time ever I considered it as an option, unlike previous iPads. If Apple and third parties play their cards right and make iOS 13 the OS that unleashes the iPad's fullest potential, then the laptop I have will most likely be the last laptop I own.

  5. David Watt
    David Watt says:

    i have a ipad pro and macbook. i mostly use the ipad. love the touch screen thinness and portability. i only use macbook for files. filesystem. and use it to move files to and from icloud to use on ipad and backup files on the macbook and harddrive. the ipad almost replaces the laptop for me its just the filesystem i need as dont want to rely on icloud. otherwise 99% i use ipad and 99% almost replaces the laptop. oh and edit i forgot i use macbook when need to download stuff and save to drive. so again filesystem files downloads only. could use ma ipad 100% as a laptop replacement and use a mac mini to do files downloading etc. i dont use keyboards as whole point of touch is use the screen. id say get an ipad pro 12.9 have no laptop and get a mac mini to do the missing stuff ie files downloading etc. or a low spec macbook

  6. brian r
    brian r says:

    Why dose everyone think the design is so special, looks like a giant iPhone 5. It’s not a computer it’s not meant to be a computer. Why would apple want to replace the laptops with an iPad. They would lose so much in sells of laptops. It’s an iPad and will always be, unless they want to make a MacBook Air after all they are about the same size.

  7. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams says:

    Superb review . For me it does replace my MacBook air because my specific needs are met from this Ipad pro . It has the power and iOS is good enough for me . Honestly unless you a professionalvideo editor or do graphic design this can honestly do most things on this that you can do on a MacBook


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