The iPad Pro 11 Multi-Adapter You Need!!! C-Force Multiport Adapter...


This Multi-Port Adapter Is Great for iPad Pro 11, Nintendo Switch, and Android Devices…

C-FORCE USB-C Multi-Port Adapter for iPad Pro 11/ Nintendo Switch

Official C-Force Site

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  1. Mark ODonnell
    Mark ODonnell says:

    Good review but that looked scary when you plugged in the hard drive with the dongle attached to the iPad. That's a lot of unnecessary stress, and probably one of the weakest points of the tablet especially over extended use.

  2. MrGattor33
    MrGattor33 says:

    This is a really cool device. Just wish they had it for the 1st. Gen. iPad Pro like i have that has their lightning port cable, I've only had mine for about a year or so now, just got it before they launched this newer version. Kind of made me mad …. lol
    Anyway cool video and cool device for sure to be able to play games and stream onto a bigger tv/monitor 😒👍🏼

  3. aerofly2
    aerofly2 says:

    I don’t understand why you didn’t use the usbc extension with everything plugged in? It looked like it was putting a lot of strain on the iPads USB port. It would then have laid flat on the table.

  4. 2Evan
    2Evan says:

    Never understood why those companies do not provide a cable a bit longer. For instance, when we connect our external HD. Should rest comfortably on a desk.

  5. N T
    N T says:

    Thanks for the video bro👍🏼 I have the same ipad + keyboard but why is your home screen looks different than mine ? Like you have these things on the left side. Please if anyone knows , I’ve been trying for so long


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