The iPad Air 2 in 2020?


How’s the iPad Air 2 doing in 2020? Could it get iPadOS 14? Should you still get one if you’re on a budget? — Check out my travel & tech gear at:
Disclaimer: everything I said about iPadOS 14 is speculation. It would be awesome if the iPad Air 2 would get the latest update IF it continues running well.
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  1. Anders Karlsson
    Anders Karlsson says:

    I’m still using mine, I have the 128 gig version and it’s been amazing and still is. The only problem is that Apple leather case is falling apart, but some super glue once in a while keeps it together. Battery is working perfectly so I really hope that it will be supported in iPad OS 14

  2. Korina Viado
    Korina Viado says:

    You’ve changed the cameras POV! I like the iPad 6 provided you aren’t doing a lot of audio and video rendering (not saying you can’t do it. I believe it has some lag, but not significant) then it should be fine for daily use.


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