The In-Glass Fingerprint Reader: Explained!


You haven’t seen a fingerprint reader like this. Yet.

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  1. Frank9532
    Frank9532 says:

    I have a concern about this.

    I have a xiaomi mi8 explorer edition, but the fingerprint icon shows as if it was an always on display. Can that icon cause burn in, since the display is amoled?


  2. G P
    G P says:

    hi, i was wondering if you happen to know:
    1) if the prompt is always in the same place, will this lead to OLED screen burn in?
    2) it wasnt very clear, but if you have to wait for the indicator light to turn on first before it will scan your finger, does mean the sensor is always on even when its on in your pocket or just lying on the table?
    3) some say that since the sensor only activates when needed, it saves battery, is that really the case?

  3. Conmattang
    Conmattang says:

    Fully bezelles phones sound great and all but some companies sacrifice way too much for it to work. Like I dont want a camera that slides up from inside the phone, that's just tacky. And the tech apple put into their phone to make the bottom bezelles? Expensive, clunky, and unnecessary. Make the stuff a good investment before throwing the idea together badly

  4. darkevilusers
    darkevilusers says:

    I was hoping this technology will be used on iPhone this year, turn out the iPhone Xs/XsMax/XR released couple days ago did not include it… Disappointed on Apple…

  5. Jim Vlahos
    Jim Vlahos says:

    I'd like to see this combined with the front facing camera. Have the camera behind the display. If you aren't using the front camera the pixels in front of the camera are on. When you turn on the front camera the pixels in front of the camera turn off and you get a temporary notch just while using the camera. Maybe, if possible, do the same thing with the proximity sensor that would result in a notch showing just during calls.


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