The Honest 11" iPad Pro Review..


The 2018 iPad Pro is leaps and bounds better than any iPad ever made, but can it actually replace a laptop? Honestly, you’re asking the wrong question. Let’s take a look at the 11″ iPad Pro from an honest perspective.

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23 replies
  1. swisstrader
    swisstrader says:

    I just use a computer to browse the web and for email and LinkedIn. Nothing more than that. I’m thinking iPad vs laptop would work for me. What do you guys think?

  2. Prem Garu
    Prem Garu says:

    For sometime I thought you guys were sponsored by Apple, but this honest take on the iPad 11 tells me I was wrong. Great review as always. I guess I'll stick with my 10.5 Pro for now. Subscribed.

  3. Roman Krosno
    Roman Krosno says:

    1000dollars iPad which can literally do anything but he says "People can see rounded corner and they know its new expensive ipad so i can flex hard….. MONEY WELL SPEND" how stupid you need to be?

  4. Ritambhara Agrawal
    Ritambhara Agrawal says:

    Hi…could you recommend a USB hub for the new iPad pro 11 inch? I am looking for a hub which has a card reader, iphone jack etc. Also is there a way to connect my regular external hard disks to this iPad pro? I have heard the Rav Power File Hub can be used for this…

  5. Andrew Compton
    Andrew Compton says:

    I’ve used a 10.5” iPad Pro as my computer through my entire master’s degree. At no point did I wish I had a laptop, because the iPad actually did many things a laptop couldn’t for me like allow me to fill out worksheets right on the display with the Apple Pencil or use it as a sheet music reader in orchestra rehearsals. Actually, a laptop would’ve limited me a lot more and would’ve weighed down my instrument case a lot more. The iPad is my main computer.

  6. Israel Ruelas
    Israel Ruelas says:

    Im thinking about buying one, but Surface book has did the magnetic pen YEARS ago! "genius" Fuck off! Apple is way behind Microsoft! I want an ipad pro to use when im traveling, but REAL WORK will be done on my Microsoft Surface.

  7. Justin Cheong
    Justin Cheong says:

    I think apple is just getting more and more conservative, losing their innovative capacity. To many, apple has the ability to seamlessly create a laptop tablet hybrid. The surface pro is high successful despite its shortcomings. The surface pro only fall short on its software and applications. Apples app in both computer and tablets are in many way compatible. To not make this leap is short sighted. Perhaps apple is developing such innovation but I just know that they can do it, and they can only make it better if they put out at least a first generation of it.

  8. Lucas FC
    Lucas FC says:

    Word or page is fine in the ipad ? I never used an ipad and i want to switch my macbook to a 2018 iPad Pro 12,9 With smart keyboard i will use to browse the web look For information ando do proyects (i study nutrition) thnanks !! From Argentina !


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