The Graphic Designers Review of the NEW 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 🧐


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In this video, I show you, as a graphic designer my review of the new Apple iPad Pro 2020.

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16 replies
  1. Arlene Walsh
    Arlene Walsh says:

    Hi, Thanks for the review of he new ipad pro. I have the ipad pro 3rd generation and would like to do broad edge calligraphy on procreate i.e gothic etc. Can you tell me where to find the correct brush for this, if it exists. If not could you do a youtube video on how to modify one of the current brushes?

  2. veronica schembri
    veronica schembri says:

    Hi! I’m thinking to change my iPad Pro. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 2018, the real problem for me is not the performance, it’s simply perfect…but I took the 64gb of storage. I’m using it a lot in the last few months, and affinity designer and photo project, some book, I’m always erasing something to free some space. I don’t know if the better solution is to jump to the new model with 256gb, or searching offer of the 2018 256gb, but I can’t find a real offer. Sooooo what you think? And sorry for my bad English 🤗

  3. Fabio Mota
    Fabio Mota says:

    Considering that not a single real competitor exists to the 2018 iPad Pro, it‘s completely normal that this isn‘t a massive update. It’s basically a decent update for people that haven’t got the 2018 model, but everyone with the 2018 will keep going with it and that’s a good thing because the longer tech lasts, the better. Apple have been coming so far just with the OS alone, huge updates in the recent years, and that‘s something even the 2017 Pro model and other iPads can take advantage of. That’s the way to go. And regarding performance, the 2018 made such a huge jump that still no ARM chip can compete.


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