The DROID DOES Throwback!


A look back at one of the first smartphones and its legendary ad.

The DROID DOES Commercial:

The OG Droid Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee




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  1. Matymus The Awesomous
    Matymus The Awesomous says:

    I could probably go back to the moto maker moto X 2013. It's still my absolute favorite phone to date and I WISH they'd do a 2019 refresh of the damn poor thing. Let's say front-firing speakers with a teardrop notch, give us that small form factor and curved back. Put the fingerprint reader in the M dimple, keep the headphone jack right in the middle of the top where IT BELONGS! And yeah….you've got me as a customer. No joke. OH and please please please bring back the moto assistant, not the new half baked version that they have but rather the one that had smart toggles built into the settles for location-based settings. So when I get home my wifi turns on, my Bluetooth turns off, my screen goes to 40% brightness, etc. And yes I know that I can have automate installed on my phone but guess what? Moto X 2013 didn't need the automate app for those things to just WORK and Automate drains your battery like crazy compared to the Moto Assist did back in the day. It was simple, it was tiny frills, it was great. No phone. not a single one, not even my Pixel 2 will ever live up to my expectations ever since Motorola spiled me with my beloved PINK AND BLUE moto maker edition moto X 2013.

  2. h4x0y
    h4x0y says:

    Looking back, it looks like Apple did many things right from the beginning, and was able to hold on to their design philosophy.

  3. surfitlive
    surfitlive says:

    If I was in the military I could bust out my 3 watt Motorola Limo brick phone in a carry case.
    The only service provided for those I last heard was for government use only.
    I last used it in 2003 with GTE? Forgetting the carrier now.
    When I tried to buy more minutes they told me they had discontinued it for the general public.

  4. surfitlive
    surfitlive says:

    That Droid was my first smartphone, used in 2013(I was late to the smartphone game) or so.
    If I was still on a CDMA carrier I'd still use it.
    The camera is way better then my current LG Leon.
    The ONLY problems with that droid is the limited internal memory limiting the apps you can install.
    The 2nd problem is the Android version is no longer updated and I believe stopped at 2.2.3 which limits the apps you can install.
    The quality of the screen is still decent.
    Lastly no hotspot only direct tethering.
    I'm sure there is an external hardware work around to convert the tether to wireless hotspot or wi-fi, by now.

  5. Abe Bogere
    Abe Bogere says:

    iPhone 5S 😂. I love the updates man. In Android I'm not exactly sure what I could use definitely nothing from Moto today. I liked their Droid lineup earlier but newer stuff doesnt impress.

  6. Duckie W
    Duckie W says:

    Droid Maxx now. It's malfunctioning & Verizon wants to replace it with an S8. Wtf! I miss my Droid 4!! I'd rock the intensity, or EnV if I could. No more than what I do w my phone, texting & Pandora…all that extra junk is a waste. I seriously never minded taking my iPod, phone, & Camera (for high quality photos) bc phones were cheap enough to be "free". Now they're so expensive & if you don't use any of that junk, it's like buying a souped up classic car you never drive, just park in the driveway to be admired.

  7. taz874
    taz874 says:

    the hardest thing for me to switch to an older phone would really be the camera tbh. so id probably say the oldest phone i could cope with would be a galaxy s4 or a iphone 5s

  8. Leni M.
    Leni M. says:

    One of my friends used the original Droid til summer of 2016. He only got a new phone because it broke.

    I think I could use the HTC HD2. That phone had so many versions of Android ported to it, I wouldn't be surprised if it has Marshmallow available. Edit: Just checked XDA and it has NOUGAT! That phone will never die.


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