The Dell 8K Monitor: Gaming in 8K?


Dell UP3218K is officially out!

Dell 8K Display:

Other hardware shown:
Maingear PC:
Titan Xp:
The Desk:
Das Keyboard:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Say Nada by Shakka




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  1. Matt Faria
    Matt Faria says:

    4k is making its way right now. There isn't even a good support for 4k yet and you guys are talking about 8k? Sony and Microsoft are going crazy if they expect people will be able to play their games in native 8k within a year or so.i even say a little more, 8k won't be ready not even for the next 5 years. We all need better internet speed to buffer it if you wanna stream anything, you gonna need better GPUs at a affordable price to everyone and so on… Despite all that I'd rather playing at 4k @ 120hz than at 8k @ 60hz. Today most of gamers use 1440p at 120-240hz because 4k it's too new and pricey. Can you imagine 8k? Pfft

  2. Chad Mayne
    Chad Mayne says:

    Supposedly the new ps5 and Xbox 2 support 8k gaming. lol. We will see about that. They also are rumored to be less than 500? Unless they plan on gpu computing thru cloud or something

  3. Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva says:

    yo fuck face, i get you like the image quality of the game in 8k…but you're not even going to mention that you were basically showing us a slide show of the game??? That think was running at 10 fps or some shit.


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