The Death of AirPower: Explained!


RIP AirPower. It’s canceled forever. Here’s how it happened.

Nomad base station:
Base station with watch:

Gruber’s blog post:

RIP AirPower graphic:

MKBHD Merch:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

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  1. Peter Holcomb
    Peter Holcomb says:

    That shows professionalism from Apple.. Yes they should not have promised it.. But rolling out something that engineers said would not work right is just asking for dedicated Apple users to get pissed off

  2. Jairzinho Xavier
    Jairzinho Xavier says:

    I’m tickled by your reaction to the thought of the cancelling of the Mac Pro! 🖥 🤣 I live in the Apple ecosystem but the game changer is that Apple now has no game… sad

  3. Tech TRX
    Tech TRX says:

    Love what you do Mr Brownlee. Nice to see that you are the number one youtuber on tech. And inspiring me to start a channel of my own. Not entirely like your content but its a start.

  4. MADagain
    MADagain says:

    I don't use Apple products but it would have been pretty sweet to have a wireless charging dock that can charge more than one device at a time… so that sucks maybe someone will figure it out.

  5. Aditya K B
    Aditya K B says:

    Apple has to really start making products that define quality and durability. For the price that we loyal-faithful customers pay, it's just ridiculous how iPad Pro can snap, the butterfly keys stop working on the MacBook Pro and the iPhone doesn't want to get charged for some reason.


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