The Blind Smartphone Camera Test 2018!


Finally! After millions of blind votes. The results are revealed.

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  1. Saurabh Singh
    Saurabh Singh says:

    The reason of pixel phones having sharper and more detailed images is the use of Google camera, it basically uses cam2api to capture raw images and process them without losing detail but in other phones everything is compressed all details lost. Poco with gcam will surely beat every single smartphone except pixel obviously.

  2. Dark Wyvern X
    Dark Wyvern X says:

    Recently I heard that some smartphones like black shark 2, MI 9…etc have a dual camera on behind. On camera is 12 mp and the other one is 48 mp. But this 48 mp camera is 16 mp effective( even the company says that). Technically why it is like that. If it is 16 mp effective, then why can't they put 16 mp instead of 48 mp?. Is it some kind of marketing strategy or whether we can utilize this 48 mp camera to its max potential with a software update?


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