The Best Apple Accessories for iPad Pro 11 and iPadOs...


The Best Official Apple Accessories for iPad Pro 11 and iPadOs…

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Apple iPad Pro 11 – Space Gray (Latest Model)



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  1. Michael Fox
    Michael Fox says:

    Nice review; I really liked your demonstration of the features with the Apple Pencil. The airpod demo reminded me that you need wireless headphones with the iPad Pro. I have an Air 3 and had been thinking of selling it and getting a Pro, but I'm now thinking otherwise because my Air has a headphone jack.

  2. Roger Collins
    Roger Collins says:

    Great review. I saw over on air photography he showed that you can hook up two ssd drives at one time and even copy files from one to the other drive without copying them first to your ipad.

  3. Shivam Kumar
    Shivam Kumar says:

    Logitech max anywhere 2x is better than apple mouse n cheap as well. And for earpods u can buy Bose bullets, apple earpod nowhere compareble to BOSE. Pencil must recommend to buy.

  4. simanta karki
    simanta karki says:

    If you are using the pencil and typing most of the type simultaneously which keyboard do you think is better for that kind of productivity? I saw your review about all the keyboards you had for the iPad but just wanted to ask


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