The Best Android Tablet Of 2019 - Galaxy Tab S6 Review


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review. The best tablet I’ve reviewed with a silly stylus location (Like the iPad Pro)
03:14 – Screen
05:12 – ROM & performance
09:39 – Finger & face unlocking
09:52 – Audio & sample
11:51 – Cameras
12:14 – Stylus
14:13 – eBooks & PDF
15:31 – Gaming
16:33 – Final words Pros & Cons

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27 replies
  1. TheBadFred
    TheBadFred says:

    I am watching this video on the same model. I was a little bit disappointed when I read that LoD was discontinued. It would have been very nice to have full arm linux desktop on the device. In the Samsung store app is Adobe Rush for Samsung available, which is very nice for video editing. If you get the ntfs driver from the play store you can use an external hard drive with this tablet. What I couldn't figure out was if the Tab s6 has aptx.

  2. Shahzad Ali
    Shahzad Ali says:

    All this speed because of that snapdragon 855, slowly but surely Samsung has realized that their exynos processors are not relevant anymore however they still lack in terms of high refresh rate and headphone jack. Imagine if this tablet had high refresh rate with 400+ ppi and a headphone jack it would be an absolute beast.

  3. corsinivideos
    corsinivideos says:

    Nice but cant imagine spending what they are asking for this when the ipad pro exists and the s pen will never match an apple pencil on latency, not to mention the amount of amazing apps on ipad that android lacks.

  4. Nexus
    Nexus says:

    Samsung needs to abandon Android Tablet OS and make a better alternative OS to compete with Apple but I know that will take time. They have amazing hardware/software running a failure OS tablet interface

  5. Mr. Dragon
    Mr. Dragon says:

    I had this tablet for a week with the ‘Kickstand” keyboard cover. The media experience on this tablet is absolutely amazing. Much louder than the iPad Pro, battery life is great. The keyboard cover worked wonderfully, you can even use the mouse outside of Dex Mode. In the end, I ended up going with the iPad Pro, I notice a stutter when full screening and minimizing videos in the web browser. This is the best android tablet out right now, but the iPad Pro is just better.

  6. Ryan Fitzgerald
    Ryan Fitzgerald says:

    Great review. Why have they removed the flash from the camera! This was so useful for our work use taking photos inside buildings (floor voids etc). Now every manufacturer seems to be removing the flash.

  7. The SektorZ
    The SektorZ says:

    What software do you use for Android video editing? I have LumaFusion on my iPads which is fantastic, and even the cheapest iPad is powerful enough to edit 4k. But things are vastly different on Android… No LumaFusion, and only the very expensive flagships can semi-edit 4k…


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