The Awesomist Reviews: RCA Voyager Pro Tablet


In this edition of the Awesomist Reviews we take a look at a $45 dollar Android Tablet with a unique keyboard case and some decent specs under the hood. Is this tablet laptop hybrid worth the paltry price tag? Find out.

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  1. TerI Dyer
    TerI Dyer says:

    Somebody who has this … does netflix work on it? We bought a tablet for Christmas and it won't do netflix. Youtube and netflix were the only reason we grabbed it. Thanks in advance!

  2. Martin Johncox
    Martin Johncox says:

    A very helpful review. I'm going to get one now. I don't expect much for $45, but this little tablet seems like it's going to deliver pretty well for the price. And the keyboard case was a major selling point for me. I plan to carry it a lot on my bike, so small size is a must, and the keyboard will make it much easier to get work done.

  3. NYCBG
    NYCBG says:

    You got it! I bought this for my trip overseas. Instead of schlepping my 7.5 lb. laptop, I can do everything I need with this little gadget.


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