The 2020 Mac Pro: A Silent Killer!


The truth about this $42,399 Mac Pro.

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  1. Zombot
    Zombot says:

    And here I am struggling to get the same amount of money with all my family members combined in order to buy a small apartment in my country. Wondering if I won't be 1-2K short. And this guy spends it on a computer… dude, give me the 400 for the wheels, I'll put these money to good use. Not buy wheels for my stupid overpriced Apple machine… Jesus.

  2. Jeon Yap
    Jeon Yap says:

    Can someone explain to me the difference in processing power/productivity output for the money spent on this Mac Pro vs the same amount of money spent on a spec'ed out windows desktop? Disclaimer, im stupid so pls dumb it down for me, soz.

  3. Ry
    Ry says:

    Apple partnered with Harmon Kardon back in the day to make their own first-party desktop speakers, and they were actually pretty great. Not sure why they don't do anything like that anymore.

  4. Somethingelse309
    Somethingelse309 says:

    a decade? really? isnt that optimistic given the rate of technological advancement over the previous 2 decades? was there ever a pc or mac made in the last 20 years that you think you could have bought and have it last you 10 years? just curious, as i never had any tech last me that long since maybe the 90s when a tube tv would last a lifetime (actually mine still works in the basement, but who wants to watch that low res crap with 2 4k tvs in the house)….10 years… man 2030…its a long ways away


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