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  1. Tahir Ali
    Tahir Ali says:

    You deserve every award as a youtuber.
    If we, viewers had a chance to nominate and vote simultaneously for u, we would have done it. Thank u Marques. You make my day when I watch ur video.

  2. Usama Tariq
    Usama Tariq says:

    In your next videos can please apply sunscreen evenly on your face. We can clearly see the sunglasses tan…. smh… raccoon lookin ass .. pinhead larry.. lol… otherwise its gr8 content. Just the tan haha 🙂 !!!

  3. szewei85
    szewei85 says:

    Thanks brah 4 making tech more awesome. I came long way from 3310 till the latest note 9. 2018 is truly the best year 4 tech and apple is yet 2 announce the new iphone.😄😆

  4. Braxton Vice
    Braxton Vice says:

    Couldn't ask for a better YouTuber. For any new phone or any video I ever need, you're the first person I type into my phone. Can always trust in that 1440 on my Galaxy S9😊 Thank You!!!

  5. Johan Manoj Mathew
    Johan Manoj Mathew says:

    I just like watching your videos, I liked your old room and the older videos better because I can relate to most of it. You are the only YouTuber I keep coming back to because some of it is still retained. God bless.

  6. Slim Pablo
    Slim Pablo says:

    Thank you . You’ve inspired and changed my life.
    You’ve done a lot and cause impact among other people not just in The US ,but you’ve caused a global impact like no other . This is my thank you from South Africa.


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