Testing Affinity Designer On My New 11 inch Ipad Pro


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How good is Affinity Designer for the 11 inch Ipad Pro?
In today’s video i’m testing out Affinity Designer on my new 11 inch Ipad Pro. This is just a first impression video, not a full depth review. Affinity designer is a great alternative to Photoshop & Illustrator and doesn’t require a subscription to use.

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20 replies
  1. Shenelly Z
    Shenelly Z says:

    Definitely the info that i needed to hear! Ive been thinking of waiting for the Photoshop app to come out. But if Affinity Designer is just as good for the iPad pro and no subscription. Why not right? 🤷‍♀️ and its only $19.99! Seems like a great alternative for now or maybe even better for the iPad 🤔

  2. Kris.K
    Kris.K says:

    hey Charlie, love this video, I've been useing only my ipad 12.9 for ages now, I've got adobe suite I haven't used it in a long time.
    All my photos I edit on the affinty photo, and I've just started getting used to Affinity designer.
    the fact that I can work just off my ipad is insane and I'm loving it.
    trust me it takes a bit to get used too but once u get the hang of it, its amazing.

  3. Karla M.
    Karla M. says:

    I’d love a tutorial! I’ve had this for a while on my iPad but haven’t used it very much even though I want to get into vector design. 😫 I guess it’s a combo of learning something new on a software that’s not as popular as illustrator (so less how-tos). I see a lot of potential in it though, I think this video pushed me try it again! Thanks 🙂


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