Test Feedback XTR 2.0 - Auto eliminate microphone feedback. The lastest new technology in 2017


The lastest new technology in 2017, Feedback XTR 2.0, Automatically remove audio feedback. Auto eliminate microphone feedback.

Fully automatic, easy to use, plug and play, no need to edit or setup.
New noise canceling technology does not cut any frequency and amplitude of sound.

Giving true and original audio quality.
German audio technology, so always prioritize sound quality.

High efficiency with closed space environment, small space, many speakers.

Do not change the quality of the microphone when singing
Fully automatic with smart processor, no need to adjust from the user, plug and play.

Website: https://feedbackmicro.com/
Email: nghiaamthanh@gmail.com

anti-howling sound, automatic feedback destroyer.



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