Teclast X98 Pro Tablet Review: Android and Windows on One Device?


Took some time to play with this experiment of a tablet. Teclast is shipping some decent hardware at a low price, but the killer feature of the X98 Pro is its ability to boot Android and Windows operating systems. Is this a dream realized, or do we have the worst of both worlds? Let’s take a look!
Teclast X98 Pro Speaker Test: https://youtu.be/jSEYRXCIsVA
More info on the Teclast X98 Pro Tablet: http://bit.ly/1HUVJlk
X98 Pro Keyboard Folio Case: http://bit.ly/1X3NDNZ

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21 replies
  1. Nashaat Mahmood
    Nashaat Mahmood says:

    Hi please help me ! ? i want to buy a tablet

    1- Teclast X98 ((PRO)) all same feature . or there is a difference??
    2- Does the hard disk reads? for example 500GB HardDisk reading .
    3- Every two system 64GB storage Or difference?
    4- how much space it takes up windows.
    5- Which of them is better >which one best order> A- B- C- D- Pleas answer sequence ((:
    a- Dual boot tablet
    b- intel inside
    c- Intel atom
    d- Intel cherry trial

  2. bst4r TV
    bst4r TV says:

    This is a perfect if you wanna have a retina display but you don`t wanna spend 600AUD for the iPad
    For me I just need to manage my fantasy football team online and at least I can have a Windows Tablet to .
    I think great buy next to my MacBook Pro

  3. Buclodi
    Buclodi says:

    Nicely done as always sir. I think I would enjoy something like this if only to be able to use a desktop class browser on my tablet. Mobile OS browsers aren't bad but often I find myself wishing for something closer to a desktop experience. I would even be interested in an Android/Chrome OS dual boot device.

  4. JellyScrub
    JellyScrub says:

    If Samsung, Asus, Acer, LG or some other big brand company built it with better android software support and better build quality in general it fight seem cool.

  5. ArthurLee
    ArthurLee says:

    I feel that having a seamless experience between Windows and Android definitely has it's pluses for those who want the best of both worlds. I think it could be great, it just needs some refinements. I want to see more of this product and see it improve!

  6. My Name
    My Name says:

    am i the only one who thinkgs tablets are the most useless things to ever buy ? i feel like they are a waste of money, just get a note 5 or lg v10 or nexus 6p those are really big phones and if you want to do some heavy work just buy a LAPTOP which is 10 times better than a tablet


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