Teclast 98 Octa core 4G Android 6.0 Tablet Unboxing & Review


A cheap 4G Dual SIM Android 6.0 tablet, the Teclast 98 Octacore. Unboxing and review. I got it from here: http://www.lightinthebox.com/teclast-98-32g-nucleo-mediatek-mt6753-octa-10-1-pulgadas-android-6-0-tablet-pc_p5559520.html?litb_from=forum_overclockers

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Banggood: https://www.banggood.com/?p=QZ14021624945201505Y
Gearbest: https://goo.gl/5tcZRI

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41 replies
  1. voteDC
    voteDC says:

    I've never managed to get a 4G connection to work. I know it is a 4G sim as it works as such in my S7 but in this tablet it never registers as anything other than 3G and I've never been able to find out why.

  2. Radu Rambet
    Radu Rambet says:

    So. The tablet is OK for the price . buuuut. The android version is FAKE . LOOK AT API LEVEL in CPU z . second battery life is terrible with stock firmware. There is 1.06 update in Chinese only difficult to understand but after upgrade the battery life increased a lot . still fake android . with this I changed my opinion on teclast. Why on earth they have to lie.

    Still the product is reasonable for the price.

  3. MrPolymers
    MrPolymers says:

    Nice review. I wanted a tablet to take with me for work and to watch Youtube videos away from my Asus ROG beast of a Laptop. I purchased a refurb Surface 2. Built like a tank and quality excellent. Windows CE SUCKS.. You cannot run Google on it which I use for work, etc. I learned I need to stick with an Android tablet. This appears to be a little cheap for my tastes however ..

  4. inet
    inet says:

    What are the best Android 6 tablets with Google play on price range up to 100$?

    Im looking for a tablet with stock Android on it.

  5. MrSuicycle
    MrSuicycle says:

    I got mine from Banggood a few weeks ago and I'm not completely disappointed. I wanted a pure Android (6.0 minimum) tablet wit 10" and FHD screen and around 100€. This one was the only one, I could find – although GearBest NOW has a VOYO Q101 on sale, which seems to be technically identical – and even a bit cheaper atm.
    My unit doesn't have the screen bleed and after using Greenify, the standby battery life was very satisfying (out of the box, the drain was huge). I know that it most likely will never get an Android update, but the performance is enough to read my newspaper, read news, manage Spotify (as a remote for other devices, since the BT sound quality is inferior) and that is exactly, what I wanted it for. The screen scratches easily and the arrangement of the buttons is terrible. The all-around build quality is cheap, but I never expected the craftsmanship from an apple device.
    Now I have it in a (somewhat ugly looking) protective case, which makes it more usable and am now waiting for the screen protector from BG. If anyone wants to buy this, I urge you to buy a screen protector. The factory applied protector is not a permanent solution and feels terrible. This screen will scratch from looking intently at it!
    Rooting was possible with Kingroot. I know it's a pain in the ass, but at least you get root access. Couldn't find a custom recovery, though.

  6. Rajiv Bisseru
    Rajiv Bisseru says:

    What u recommend for a great media consumption tablet, some thing mainly for youtube and mkv 1080p Content?

    Mainly looking for a great looking panel, decent speakers, smooth UI. Android preferably. 10 Inch+

  7. David L.
    David L. says:

    I ordered a 120$ tablet from aliexpress and two days later searching about the screen size to order a screen protector I found several videos about tablets with a fake cpu, fake memory, fake battery and fake screen resolution. I freaked out and I canceled the order.. Even if aliexpress warranty indicates they will respond, you have to demonstrate the tablet if fake and you have to open it and send a video, then you have to return it to china (and pay the shipping) but I didn't want all the drama… so be careful with those cheap tablets

  8. Emrah Mutku
    Emrah Mutku says:

    Thanks for your time and effort Chris. I still believe, if the 4G works, it is not a very bad tablet for the price. Especially for the people who travel a lot and also need internet during work etc.


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