Technology Trends at CES Asia 2019 - Amazing New Technology


Technology trends that we already have anticipated for 2019 are going to be exhibited in Shanghai, giving attendees the opportunity to experience them first hand. Event goers can expect to see the latest advancements in 5G technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented and Virtual Reality, startups with a focus in innovation, and vehicle technology.

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18 replies
  1. 5D or Bust Catherine Lee Jones
    5D or Bust Catherine Lee Jones says:

    Please please please people…investigate 5G. 5G is weapon…being sold to the masses as a great thing. I don't think the owner of this channel gets it. Maybe HE should investigate 5G before he ever promotes it ….Promoting AI and 5G is like slitting your own throat.

  2. April Tvenstrup
    April Tvenstrup says:

    Your talking like 5G is just fine. Don't put out good information on bad things that can harm people. You need to change your way of projecting information and think if it's good before you say it. Not just brownie points for your channel.

  3. Jomama 02
    Jomama 02 says:

    Why not state the dangers of 5G. It is VERY dangerous and destructive. It's a weapon! What it does to the bees and birds and insects not to mention people. You should change your channel name as you have obviously changed the content.

  4. kayla faolin
    kayla faolin says:

    The aliens have done the artificial intelligence before the humans did dot the pyramids were power grids that helped them travel from one part of the universe to another and Bermuda Triangle is just another Wormhole that gets you from Earth to another planet


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