Technology Product Reviews - 10 Port USB Hub Product Review


Cheap and useful 10 port USB Hub from aus_proseller.

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31 replies
  1. RapidFire Muzik™
    RapidFire Muzik™ says:

    bought 2 off ebay..both duds!
    saw another vid showing the exact 10 port hub and all the bits were not solderd on and no capacitors (i opened both of mine and BOTH only had ONE capacitor)

    guess im going to look up reputable 10 port brands even if it cost me a pair of new air jordans lol

  2. K T
    K T says:

    this HUB doesnt charge from the wall you HAVE to plug it into a PC which is kind of lame. works fine plugged into a PC tho. works better than alot of other cheapy hubs i have used tho. 

  3. Wood Works
    Wood Works says:

    I have this cheap P.O.S.! It does not have any drivers disk and does not work good at all with bitcoin miners. If you plug in more than 3 usb devices it does not work right. I have spend days plugging in stuff and not getting anywhere. Sometimes it will show it as a port over 10. Like 42. Even if you change the port other usb devices will not work. Does anybody know were there is a generic drivers for this piece of shit hub?

  4. Christianus Aquila
    Christianus Aquila says:

    Hi! Thank you for your review TheIpodTouchWorld. I have bought yesterday the same product made by LogiLink (LogiLink UA0096). It is actually my first active hub and I would be grateful if you respond to my two (presumably stupid) questions.

    Is it possible to unplug the device from your hub when the computer is turned on (and hub of course is connected to the main as to the computer) without any damage? I am asking because normally when I remove hard drive from computer's usb port, it spins down. When I try to eject external hard drive from active hub, it doesn't.

    I have observed something which seems to be a little strange to me. When I have hub like yours plugged into the computer (and to the main) and computer itself is turned off and cut off from any source of energy, the hub powers other USB ports of my machine. I can recognize it because all the devices in the remaining ports (other than this one where active hub is plugged into) works. Normally, should be extinguished. Is this normal? If not, could you check whether your hub would power other USB ports of your turned off laptop. You can check it by using something that have merely a LED control or using voltmeter if you like.

    Thank you for your help. :)

  5. 1sttobylopez
    1sttobylopez says:

    So does this hub have to be plugged into the wall and the computer at the same time? Because another video made it look like you don't need the power plug if you want it as a multi-tap for your computer. Now this is important because I don't have any more dam room to plug in more stuff. It's an important point….well?


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