Tech Reviews : Playstation 4 PRO + Unboxing


Things i forgot to mention :

– The PS4 PRO unlike the Xbox One S doesn’t read 4k Blu-ray discs (Which is very funny since Sony helped create the Blu-ray technology).

– Small upgrade of the DS4, now it has a thin light on the touch pad + when connected to the console directly through USB, it will use the cable connection for reduced latency.

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  1. Nejib Saadane
    Nejib Saadane says:

    good job nice video only one think you have a small desynchronized between audio and video something like 2 or 3 frames you can use pluraleyes to do the sync if you are doing it manually.

  2. Sellami jihed
    Sellami jihed says:

    maher 7ot ro7ek fi blasti chnawa nakhou 7aja mel 7ajtin li n7ebhom :p :
    PS4 pro with ( TV Sony R420b 1080p )
    ou bien
    PC gamer ?
    el pc li 3andi bureau juste mta3 fb wla chwaya aflam et sa3at n7el nl3ab chwaya lol …


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