Tech Down Over 220: RODE Rodecaster Pro Review / Demo


Today on Tech Down Over, we test out the RØDE Rodecaster Pro! This allows you to record up to 4 mics via XLR input with Aphex processing technology.

You can record internally to a MicroSD card, or output stereo audio to a computer for recording, as we’re doing here.

The device also gives you a bank of 8 sound effect slots, which you can either record using the Rodecaster itself, or transfer to the Rodecaster’s internal memory using the desktop application.

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    This is interesting. We got 8 likes & 7 dislikes. I guess the likes are winning. Wondering why there are so many dislikes. We just had fun reviewing some of the Rodecaster's features. It's a nice device and does hold a lot of promise for beginning podcasters, even advanced ones. -Rick

  2. In the DAW
    In the DAW says:

    its cool that pretty much anyone can get quality audio with this but I would check that you aren't clipping before recording I can hear some pretty bad distortions on the older gentleman as well as a lot of aliasing that might be from the Video recording at least I hope it wasn't from the SD.


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