Tech Channel of the Week #10: BoykoBrand



Tech Channel of the Week #10 is BoykoBrand! Brad’s got almost a ton of new tech-related videos, screencasts, unboxings, etc… I suggest you check out his channel if you are interested in technology or like the tutorials I produce here on my channel! Brad also does a number of Tech Channel of the Week videos, and his channel definitely reminds me of my own! Check it out, people!

The Tech Channel of the Week is new, so stay tuned, and keep producing quality videos and make sure you’re a subscriber if you want to be selected! MUST be a subscriber to qualify.

Here’s the links:

My Wallpaper:



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  1. BoykoBrand
    BoykoBrand says:

    THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! I woke up this morning feeling sorta down and came on and had over 30 messages on my e mail of subs thank you so much marques i can not thank you enough honestly


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