Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant!


Talking tech with Kobe Bryant over the Kobe 11.

Behind the scenes with TLD:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Calhoun (Instrumental) by Marmoset




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  1. Nate Samuelson
    Nate Samuelson says:

    Props to him for doing this interview, especially earlier in his career. As a successful, powerful African American, I can't imagine how important Kobe Bryant is to you in so many ways – proving the success of African Americans, being an inspiration to yourself and others, overcoming so many obstacles. That had to be incredibly intimidating.

  2. ThilanNana
    ThilanNana says:

    bro idk how Marques did this. id be wayy too fucking nervous. kobe isnt even in this plain of reality in terms of mind set. i feel intimidated just thinking about it.


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