Galaxy S20 Impressions: New Year, New Samsung!


Samsung Galaxy S20 makes all the right moves in all right places.

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Prestigio MultiPad 4 Quantum Review Tablet Camera Smartphone Features Specs 2015


MultiPad 4 Quantum. Prestigious designers have been inspired by the most famous cinema and literature to design this tablet British secret agent, and we must recognize that the concepts of elegance, style and effectively been applied with confidence.
Android 4.2.2 OS 9.7 inch size 2048 X 1536 resolution megapixel cameras 2/2 Capacity 8000 mAh Internal Memory 8 GB



An almost foldable review: LG's $700 dual screen phone is solid


Don’t want to jump into foldable phones just yet? The LG G8X ThinQ doubles the screen without the risk and high price tag of the Galaxy Fold.

Read the full review:

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Ozzy Man Reviews: ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo Trailer


Cheers to ASUS for sponsoring this video! Go to this link for non-cheeky product info: P.S go to 57 minutes into this video you won’t be disappointed.



iPadOS review: sounds like a computer to me


iPadOS is finally here, which means it’s finally time to see if Apple has turned the iPad into a real computer — maybe. In this episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn looks at the top things you should do to get the most out of iPadOS.

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10 New Technology Gadgets  Invention


10 New Technology Gadgets Invention

(1)ASUS Blue Cave AC2600 IoT, Alexa, IFTTT Router Launches For $180 Those of you looking for a new router might be interested in the ASUS Blue Cave =

(2)Cyberdyne Brain Controlled Cyborg Legs Now Available In The US Medical hardware manufacturer Cyberdyne has this week announced the …=

(3)Hidizs AP80 Hi Res Portable Music Player: Specs, Price and Features The Hidizs A P 80 is small and very portable, similar to what the A P 60 is offering in terms …=

(4)Samsung launches world’s largest SSD with 30 TB of storage Samsung has launched what is believed to be the world’s largest solid state drive, =

(5)Mi Mini PC Pocket Computer Now Available From $149 The Mi Mini PC is a tiny computer that’s sort of a cross between a desktop and a tablet=

(6)Samsung launches VL5 and VL3 smart speakers in the U.K. Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of their new smart speaker range, VL5 and VL3 =

(7)Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses Project Shutdown Those of you hoping to get your hands on the new Intel Vaunt smart glasses which were unveiled a =

(8)Nemo 4K Smartphone Controlled Underwater Drone The development team at Aquarobotman have created a new ultrahigh-definition 4K …=

(9)Sony Launches DPT CP1, The New 10 inch Digital Paper After in japan Japan, Sony have now started announced their new 10 inch Digital Paper =

(10)Trucks are designed to travel various terrains, but not all of them can travel on water. Created by the Russian company, Avtoros, the ATV Shaman 8×8 is an =

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New iPad Air 2019 - Unboxing and Overview


The iPad Air for 2019 is here and is an all new 3rd generation 10.5-inch iPad Air. I show you what comes in the box, go over specs and compare it with the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. #iPadAir, Apple, iPad

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:14 – Price
00:36 – Unboxing
01:56 – Hardware overview
02:31 – Display
03:29 – iPad Pro 10.5 comparison
04:12 – Rear Camera
04:19 – Front Camera
04:30 – Setup
05:27 – Smart Cover
05:44 – Smart connector
06:38 – Speed
06:44 – Specs
06:51 – Apple Pencil
08:02 – Sensors
09:04 – Laminated display
09:29 – Geekbench
10:04 – Split View
10:40 – Wireless connectivity
10:56 – Conclusion
11:15 – Outro
11:36 – End

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Charging iPhone using iPad Pro – How Fast is it? –

2018 Mac Mini Review – Full Review using an eGPU –

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iPhone X vs iPhone XS and XS Max – Should You Upgrade? –

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2018 iPad vs iPad Pro 10.5 - Full Comparison


I compare the iPad Pro 10.5 to the 2018 iPad (6th Gen).

***Time Codes***
Intro 0:00
Price 00:17
Size 00:50
Camera 1:16
Dimensions 1:35
Weight 1:53
TouchID 2:10
Displays 2:49
Apple Pencil 4:19
Specs 6:23
Benchmarks 6:56
Brightness 7:33
Speed: 8:10
Conclusion 9:48
Outro 11:21
End: 11:43

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Hello Neighbor Review (Apple iPad 9.7 2018 Gameplay)


Buy it from Amazon ►
► Android:
► iOS:
► Windows: does a quick demo of the game Hello Neighbor, pretty graphically intensive, but working on the new Apple iPad 9.7 (2018). It’s free in the App Store, or at least the first chapter is and it’s a thriller/stealthy game filled with puzzles. A little boy has to enter the house of a creepy dude, who has people locked in a room. does a quick demo of the game Hello Neighbor, pretty graphically intensive, but working on the new Apple iPad 9.7 (2018). It’s free in the App Store, or at least the first chapter is and it’s a thriller/stealthy game filled with puzzles. A little boy has to enter the house of a creepy dude, who has people locked in a room.

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