Oneplus 7T Review - Great Budget Smartphone With Smooth 90Hz Display & Triple-Camera


Jason Howell reviews the OnePlus 7T. The new smartphone features a smooth 90Hz refresh rate AMOLED display, a triple-camera setup with nightscape and maco modes, and can be fully charged within one hour with Warp Charge 30T. The OnePlus 7T will be available on October 18 in Glacier Blue and Frosted Silver for $599.

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AirPods Killer or Total Flop? - Google Pixel Buds Review


Does Android finally have its version of the Apple Airpods, or are the Google Pixel Buds more like ‘Pixel DUDS’??

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How to listen to YouTube with the Screen Off - New Trick 2017 - Play in the Background


Trying to listen to YouTube with your phone or tablet screen off or in the background? In this tutorial, I show you a new trick that allows YouTube to keep playing even when you phone or tablet is locked or the screen is off. This tip will also allow you to listen to YouTube with it in the background and you are in another app.
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This tutorial does not require YouTube Red and should work on both Android and Apple cellphones and tablets. It will also work on any of the following brands or devices: iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Motorola, Nexus, Pixel, HTC, LG, BLU, Sony, and many more!

The key to playing YouTube in the background is to play YouTube in the desktop mode. This method works in both Chrome and Firefox. Follow the steps below to listen to YouTube with the screen off
1. Open in Chrome or Firefox
2. Go to the menu and select “Request Desktop site”
3. Play a YouTube video
4. Leave the browser and go to the home screen
5. Swipe down to find the notification for the browser
6. Select the play button
7. Enjoy listening to YouTube in the background or with the screen off
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Android 10 Full reviews in Urdu/Hindi | Android 10 Outstanding Features


Android10 Full reviews in Urdu
Android 10 Full reviews in Hindi,
android 10 trailer
android 10 update phones
android 10 gesture navigation
android 10 release date
10 things to know about Android 10
Android 10 Everything you need to know
Android 10
Android q
android 10 new features
Android 10 Android
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Beautiful iPad Megnet Keyboard #iPad #iPadPro


Beautiful iPad Megnet Keyboard
iPad Keyboard – the best ipad keyboard case ever!
Beautiful iPad Megnet Keyboard
apple’s ipad pro smart keyboard folio review: the best, but too many compromises.

the ipad pro keyboard apple should’ve made.

smart keyboard vs magic keyboard: the best for ipad pro?

this keyboard is the best keyboard i’ve used on an ipad.

7 keyboard case here .
i bought this bluetooth keyboard to work with my 2017 apple ipad 9. if you’re looking for an ipad keyboard you came to the right video.. ipad air 3, pencil and keyboard unboxing. cheap bluetooth keyboard for ipad, unboxing.
the apple ipad pro smart keyboard is apple’s first keyboard accessory for an ipad and uses some innovative technologies and materials but is it a good keyboard?..

iegrow f8s keyboard case for ipad air .
5 best wireless keyboard in 2019 | bluetooth keyboard on amazon. ipad pro 11: top 5 keyboard case review… both keyboards have advantages and disadvantages when used with ipad pro.
luckily third-party companies like zagg and logitech have come out with some alternate ipad pro keyboards and in today’s video we’re comparing the smart keyboard folio from apple to two popular alternatives – the slim folio pro from logitech and the slim book go from zagg.
@thetechmag# technology thetechmag top best 2018 best gadgets top trending wireless keyboards 2019 best wireless keyboards 2019 best wireless keyboards top wireless keyboards 2019 top wireless keyboards top review wireless keyboards 2019.
2 ► kensington slim type wired keyboard.

3 ► moveski t11 wired designer keyboard type c with smart dial 3 group customizable keys keypad compatibility for wacom windows mac design software. apple keyboard review:…

this is the brydge pro which is a third-party keyboard for the ipad pro that transforms it to a macbook sort of.

appleinsider review of the updated 2018 ipad pro smart keyboard folio (12.
the new logitech slim folio pro for ipad pro aims to bring a more tactile keyboard experience the ipad pro keyboard case.

apple ipad pro smart keyboard: unboxing & review. the best ipad pro keyboard? best keyboard cases for 2018 ipad pro!
7 keyboard case review!

10:07 – apple’s keyboard vs this keyboard in a nutshell.
this ipad keyboard case turns your ipad into a laptop. the slim folio isn’t quite as slim as the smart keyboard folio but the keyboard experience may be worth the added bulk… brydge pro keyboard for 2018 12. best ipad pro keyboard case for ipados. it is easily the best keyboard of 2019 for the ipad pro 12.
7 keyboard case review!..
iPad – must watch before you buy ipad in 2019.

#ipados #ios13 #apps #apple.. but it’s still an ipad… is the ipad mini weaker than the larger ipads?
what apps do you use and what are your favorite on ipad and iphone? buy ipad : ..

ipad pro (with ipados) vs macbook pro for students!…..
the only way to find out is with an ipad mini durability test from jerryrigeverything.

2019 ipads – everything we know!
promotion on ipad pro – 3:29. comparativa macbook pro 2019 vs macbook air 2019 vs ipad pro. used the ipados early beta and the new public beta. tld editing on an ipad pro: ..

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Pixel 3 VS  Pixel 3A  !!  which one is better !! features and Reviews


How does the new Pixel 3a stack against its olde ran more powerful brethren the Pixel 3. is it worth picking up? Let me know if you are interested in a review of the Pixel3a as well as comparison with other devices, leave a comment below.


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How to download an app on an Android phone or tablet without a gmail/Google account attached


In this video we teach you how to do a download outside of having to put a Google account in place by using an apk file for the app you want to download.

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Google teases new Pixel 4 billed as technology's 'next step'


Wednesday, 31 July 2019
Google teases new Pixel 4 billed as technology’s ‘next step’ | Careful Man
Google on Monday revealed that it is building gesture controls and face recognition into a next-generation Pixel smartphone as it looks to fuel early enthusiasm for its upcoming flagship handset.



The Other Brothers Review [iPhone & iPad]


You can now find me on Twitch!

The Other Brothers Review. From 3D Attack & Simian².
App Store link: [+] $1.99
••• Latest update has resolved control issues!

The Other Brothers is a platformer that will have you running, jumping, collecting and racing against the clock in a modern take on that time-tested genre!

With today’s technology we are able to bring back that classic 16-bit aesthetic and combine it with modern mechanics, physics and gameplay to bring you a platforming experience like no other! Pixel art is a beautiful art form that was swept away by the advances in 3D graphics. We are bringing it back for the new generation and making it better than ever!

Join The Other Brothers, Joe and Jim, on their wild and crazy adventure, as they traverse junkyards, cities, sewers and more to track down our, red haired, damsel in distress, Tavy!

Play your way through a mix of classic and non-linear environments populated by uniquely entertaining AI that will pit you against the Mob, the Law and everything in-between!

Experience New Retro!

The Other Brothers Features:
• Experience a striking, modern twist on the 16-bit Platformer genre
• Unique eye-popping and hand painted pixel art style that stands out
• Rock out to an original soundtrack written and recorded especially for the game!
• Explore unique, multi-path levels that you’ll come back to time and again
• Fight entertaining enemies with personality, can you discover their weaknesses?
• Revolutionary touch controls will have you jumping and fighting through the impossible!
• Action packed, zany boss fights
• Entertaining hand crafted cut scenes
• High replay value and rewarding gameplay
• 3 Star rating system and unlockables
• Simian Tech engine provides authentic Mode 7 visuals …
Thanks for watching!
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