5 Reasons OneNote is Better than Notability  | iPad Pro Note taking (2019)


In this video I go through 5 reasons why OneNote is better than notability. I have used OneNote on the iPad Pro for about a year and a half so have become very familiar with the app. It is extremely useful and a bonus is that it also works on PC. I have used it as a medical student for note taking and studying at university. It has a number of features that surpass notability, and this video demonstrates these.

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🍏 Apple Notes - Best Note-Taking App for iPad Pro 2018 and Apple Pencil?


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If you want to use the iPad Pro 2018 and new Apple Pencil, then you need the right note-taking app. In this video, I show you all you need to know about Apple’s native note-taking app Apple Notes.
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◾◾ My Top 3 Note-Taking Apps ◾◾

🥇Noteshelf 2 ►Review:
🥈Notability ►Review:
🥉GoodNotes 4 ►Review:

ℹ️ Note-taking app comparison table:

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GoodNotes vs Notability - Best iPad Notes App For Apple Pencil Users


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This is the mother of all GoodNotes vs Notability comparisons designed to help you choose. Time stamps below!
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Time Stamps:
– 1:34 – What to look for in a good iPad note-taking app
– 2:58 – Quick mention of Apple Notes and why it’s not in this video
– 3:29 – Comparing the main features of GoodNotes and Notability
– 3:44 – Design and interface comparison
– 4:36 – Handwriting and digital “ink” comparison
– 5:16 – Converting handwriting into type test
– 5:54 – Pen tools comparison
– 6:20 – Highlighting comparison
– 6:38 – Erasing comparison
– 7:02 – Perfect shapes (smart shapes) comparison
– 7:29 – Typed text comparison
– 7:48 – Search comparison
– 8:23 – Audio recording
– 9:08 – Note navigation comparison – Notability Note Switcher vs GoodNotes Tabbed Interface
– 9:45 – Unique features of each app
– 10:03 – GoodNotes unique features
– 10:34 – Notability unique features
– 11:55 – Multi-device support
– 12:28 – Support – can you talk to a real human?
– 13:00 – What’s MY pick? Which app will I be using?
– 13:45 – 3 good alternatives to GoodNotes and Notability
– 13:59 – Whink
– 14:29 – Noteshelf 2
– 14:47 – Notebook
– 15:01 – Why not Paper by WeTransfer?
– 15:49 – The After Show – what should we call DailyTekk fans?
– 16:13 – We’re gonna be hiring soon — send us your work!
– 16:31 – Responding to some comments

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2018’s Top 10 note taking apps for iPad 2018 and iPad pro| Paperless Student



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Hey guys,
Here is a list of the top 10 note taking apps in 2018. Did I miss out any apps? Let me know in the comments section down below.
Don’t forget to vote for your favourite note taking app.

You can purchase these apps from App store:
1. ZoomNotes:
2. Noteshelf:
3. Noteshelf 2:
4. Pen & Paper:
5. Upad:
6. Notes Plus:
7. OneNote:
8. Nebo:
9. Note Always:
10. GoodNotes:
11. Notability:

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GoodNotes 5 Review - Best iPad Pro Note taking app?? (2019)


In this video I review the newly updated GoodNotes 5 which is an iPad Pro note taking app. The iPad Pro is becoming more commonly used for university, college, school because of its convenience. However, it is essential to find a good note taking app to maximise the use of the iPad pro. I compare GoodNotes 5 to OneNote and Notability drawing on the 5 key features that make it a great app to use.

Goodnotes 5 full walkthrough videos

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