How To Make Orchestral Music on an iPad | Notion for iOS Tutorial


This is actually actually for a final project for one of my classes! Thought I would just upload it here as well.


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ipad pro 12.9 2018 targus pro-tek case


A review for the Targus Pro-Tek Rotation case for iPad Pro 12.9 (2018, 3rd generation).

New case with Apple Pencil 2 support.



iPad Pro 11 Inch Review - How Good Is It?


Hope you enjoyed this 2019 ipad pro 11 inch review!..
You can get the ipad pro 11 inch here:

The iPad Pro 11 inch features an all-screen design, an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, the A12X Bionic chip, Face ID, and is the thinnest iPad ever!

The iPad Pro is worth the cost increase that pushes the price into laptop territory.

You may decide that you need the pen to go with it but that’s entirely optional. It’s only recommended to get the pen if you are a student who’s used to taking notes which you can do on the iPad Pro 11 or an artist, otherwise it’s not necessary to have.

The iPad Pro makes a compelling case with all that power, all that potential. However, it’s not a replacement for your laptop computer but it’s definitely great for multitasking; browsing the web while messaging a friend, using social media e.g Youtube, Facebook etc.

More powerful than most computers the apple ipad pro 11 inch is more than just an ipad it’s a scanner, camera, notepad, cinema, editing suite and music studio all rolled into one.

The 11 inch iPad Pro features an all-screen design, an edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, the A12X Bionic chip, and Face ID



Apple iPad Pro 11 $7 Case Vs 50$ Case is expensive Better??


UAG Folio iPad Pro 11-inch Case –
JETech Case for Apple iPad Pro 11-Inch –

We take a look at two cases for the 11-inch Apple iPad Pro one that costs 7$ and the other 11$ is the expensive one really better?

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Best Keyboard Cases for 2018 iPad Pro!


Apple designed a Smart Keyboard Folio for the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, but while it’s super slim, it’s also expensive and with flat keys that some iPad users might not like.

Luckily, third-party companies like Zagg and Logitech have come out with some alternate iPad Pro keyboards, and in today’s video, we’re comparing the Smart Keyboard Folio from Apple to two popular alternatives – the Slim Folio Pro from Logitech and the Slim Book Go from Zagg.

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iPad Pro 11 2018, IPadOS 13, отзыв студента / student’s review


В этом видео подробно расскажу впечатления от IPad Pro 2018 в учебе, как основного устройства. Обращу внимание на обыденные минусы и плюсы. Дам советы что покупать сейчас.



iPad Pro review A beautiful, pricey powerhouse if you can live within its limits



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Which iPad Should You Choose in 2019?


The 2019 iPad offering has been updated. I help you decide if you should buy the 2018 iPad, New iPad mini, New iPad Air or the iPad Pro. I compare the price, display, talk about the camera and much more. #ipad #ipadmini #ipadair #ipadpro #apple

iPad Screen Protectors on Amazon:
Apple Smart Covers on Amazon:
iPad Smart Keyboard on Amazon:

***Time Codes***
00:00 – Start
00:25 – Price
00:35 – Storage
01:22 – CPU
01:44 – Colors
02:37 – Materials and Design
03:28 – Displays
06:33 – Apple Pencil
09:00 – Ports
09:46 – Cameras
12:30 – Face ID and Touch ID
13:23 – Connectivity
14:34 – Speed
19:20 – Conclusion
20:07 – Battery Life
20:29 – Accessories
21:40 – Outro
22:01 – End

Panasonic GH5 –
Leica Lens –
Memory Card –
🎤 Microphone
Heil PR40 –
Focusrite 2i2 –

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iPad Pro Leather Sleeve Review (Midnight Blue)


This is a review of the Leather Sleeve for the brand new iPad Pro 10.5″. At a price for $129, this wins the award for Apple’s most ridiculously priced accessory this year. But is the sleeve any good? Find out in this video.

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The Truth About The iPad Pro...


I’ve been using nothing but an iPad Pro for 3 weeks… These are my findings.

iPad Pro (USA Link) –
iPad Pro (International) –


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