OBSBOT Tail Review - 4K Auto-Tracking AI Camera


Ant Pruitt reviews Remo Technology’s OBSBOT Tail Auto-Director AI Camera. This 4K camera uses artificial intelligence to track a subject with its three-axis pan/tilt/zoom gimbal and recognize hand gestures for commands. Ant Pruitt gives his review.

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traveling from france to england with an hoverboard - new technology by Franky Zapata


traveling from france to england with an hoverboard – new technology by Franky Zapata.
it seems “back to the future” is becoming a reality. incredible.




walking tour / city center / çanakkale / Turkish agean Coast / gökçeada / island / amazing scenery / walk / gimbal / sea / keşfet / yürüyüş / bcycle tour /

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Lenovo ThinkPad T490s, DJI Osmo Mobile 3 | Tech of The Week Ep.43 | Trusted Reviews


Tom and Mark show off the new Lenovo ThinkPad T490s and DJI Osmo Mobile 3.

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iPad OS 13 for filmmakers - Can it finally replace a laptop?


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Hohem Tech - iSteady Pro 2 🎥 a CinequiP Reviews


Welcome to this awesome new action camera gimbal by Hohem Tech: iSteady Pro 2!

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The Ultimate Gimbal Review And Comparison


We compare the top 6 gimbals made for mirrorless cameras and figure out which one is best and also which gimbal works the best with the Panasonic GH5.

Skip to 15:40 for the review of our favorite gimbal, the Zhiyun-Tech Crane.

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We also reviewed the Came TV Came Single, ikan DS1, ikan EC1, Feiyu MG Lite, and the Glide gear gimbal.

You can read the full review of each of these gimbals here:



G4S & WG feiyu tech gimbal reviews: OUTTAKES


G4S and WG gimbal review outtakes. Just so you know my perfect reviews don’t come easy! Enjoy! 🙂

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New Channel. Average Tech Fan.  Tech Reviews and Future Tech Announcements.


Hi, I’m Craig Bowman and you may know me from my Sailing and Travel (Vlog Style) Channel called Cruising Off Duty. In the last 18 months that I have been filming that channel, I have bought A LOT of Cameras, Gimbals, Drones, Computers and all sorts of other technology to help make that channel the very best quality that it can be.

I am sure I will buy a lot more tech in the future. In the past when I bought a new camera or piece of technology, I would often make an episode on my Cruising Off Duty channel showing off the new item and how it was going to be used to make that channel even better. I realized that channel should only be about Sailing and Travel Lifestyle videos and I would create this new channel, Average Tech Fan, to showcase the Tech I have bought and the tech I plan to buy in the future. Some of the tech I have bought in the recent past I can tell you if after 3 months, 6 months etc, if it has stood the test of time and if I would suggest buying it or suggest avoiding it. When there is new Cameras, Drones or other technology coming out in the future, I will research it and tell you if it is something that I think will be something worth buying or not.

When I do get new Tech, I will review it as quickly as I can on this channel. Hopefully if you are a tech fan, like I am, you will subscribe to this channel for episodes on all things Tech.

New full episodes, coming up soon.

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Gimbal Review - Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3-Axis


Gimbal review of the Crane 3-Axis Stabilizer from Zhiyun-Tech + Compared to a steadicam. A great tool for filmmaking!

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After first seeing this on the IBC exhibition, I’ve been eager to test this type of gimbal – so I was very exited when I got my hands on this one! As I mention in the video, I’m genuinely impressed, and I’ve already had good use for it for my freelance projects. Great quality, and easy to use! =)

All clips with the gimbal is filmed with the Sony a7s with 24-70mm f/4.0.
When comparing, Anders were using his iFootage Wildcat.
When filming myself, I used the Canon 700d with the 18-55 kit lens, and the Cinestyle picture profile.
Anders filmed my with his PanasonicGH4 18-35mm f/1.8.
Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Short test film: Coming Soon 😉



Feiyu Tech G5 Gimbal Review and Tutorial


G5, the World’s First Splash-proof HERO5 Gimbal Feiyu Tech Unboxing

The long-awaited G5 3-axis handheld gimbal is officially launched
Splash-proof built all over, the G5 caters for GoPro HERO cameras and action cameras of various sizes.

Review of the Feiyu Tech G5, 3 Axis Gimbal, unboxing and test footage. All footage is un edited straight out of the camera, no post production. The results are not amazing, but I like the gimbal a lot, and after I have actually read the instructions and played with it for a while I am sure future footage will be a lot better. I think the Feiyutech G5 is the best built gimbal out there.

NOTE. UPDATE since i made this video I have noticed that if you lock the GIMBAL with a single tap once you have chosen the mode you want it steadies the camera in position and there is less judder and movement to the shots.

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