New Advanced Artificial Technology May Detect Lung Cancer Early


Finding lung cancer early is the key to saving lives. At The Medical Center of Aurora, new advanced artificial technology is helping doctors with incidental findings of lung nodules in ER visits.



Inside Health Reviews Five Star Review by Ally N.| Dr Kolowski Reviews


Inside Health Reviews Five Star Review by Ally N.| Dr Kolowski Reviews
Inside Health Loveland Chiropractor reviews
2530 Abarr Dr, Loveland, CO 80538
(970) 685-8060

**5 Star Rating**
“Amazing! Both Dr Lauren and Dr. David are changing my life. My health has improved exponentially. Highly recommend.” ~ Ally Netzel

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Photoshoots, Meetings, & New Technology! / BCE Vlog #1


In the new and weekly Blue Collar Entrepreneur Vlog, we’ll be tracking Kurt’s daily life, in order to show you what its like to be an entrepreneur and owning multiple businesses. This will show both the good and the bad, to give you a realistic idea of the lifestyle.

In this Vlog:

– One of Kurt’s companies Body Rival hosts a photo shoot for new clothing
-Shooting a video for the new Fit Club, to promote the state-of-the-art technology we now have available at Fit Republic to detect body fat, BMI (Body Mass Index), SMM (Skeletal Muscle Mass), BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), and the size of all your muscles and appendages
-Kurt Hosts an owners meeting, with the current owners of the Fit Republic stores around the Denver area

Kurt’s Website & Social media:

Kurt’s businesses:
Fit Republic USA (Sport supplement company):
Fit Republic Foods (Meal prep company):
Body Rival (Supplement brand):
New Age Nutrition (Supplement brand):
Hunting Colorado (Hunting guide):
White Rabbit (Content creation company)



Alright Reviews Guitar Tech Analog Delay Demo


Alright My Boodies

Cool Demo for you today from the awesome J.H.S

Guitar Tech Analog Delay Pedal Demo

Unlike many modern digital signal processor delay units, the Guitar Tech Analog Delay has a warm, natural sound which echoes (pardon the pun!) the tape delay units of yesteryear, and those classic early 80’s analog delay stompboxes.

A sturdy metal case means that it can withstand the rigours of live use with no problems, and the Analog Delay will run from a single 9v battery or power supply unit.

The three-way control system of Time, Mix and Repeat allows you to dial in everything from a neat 50’s slapback delay to way-out-there spaced-out sounds due to it’s 440ms of delay.



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