Tablet vs laptop


So, what is a computer these days? It’s a good question when you consider how powerful some tablets have gotten, and when you see laptops with touchscreens and stylus pens. Senior Editor Lauren Goode makes an argument for why things like tactile keys and desktop software still matter. Subscribe:

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43 replies
  1. Douglas SPRINGALL
    Douglas SPRINGALL says:

    This is really not a good comparison as the iPad falls short due to software rather than hardware issues . I have a galaxy tab s4 which has overcomes the software shortfalls of iOS and It can do everything a full laptop can do particularly when teamed with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Maybe the galaxy s4 rather than the iPad Pro should have been used

  2. Rita .Sassatelli
    Rita .Sassatelli says:

    I've got a Samsung E tablet and I'm super happy with it. Good battery life, practicality… And yes, I can do a lot of document management on it. Right now, a tablet is all I need in my life.

  3. Bharath J
    Bharath J says:

    My 4th gen ipad is very slow now.
    Don't feel like using iOS anymore.
    If I want to buy next tablet it will be android tablet.
    Laptop for serious work.
    Tablet for reading PDFs and casual work.

  4. Whole Food Plant-Based Man
    Whole Food Plant-Based Man says:

    Apple makes everything more difficult. I tried copying some tv show episodes to iPad the other day, and it would not let me. I just used VLC on the computer. The only way to get music on iPad is iTunes. Downloading and viewing files to a different location is easier on a computer. An iPad is something you would use in bed and not really at a desk because the viewing angles are all wrong.


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