Surface Pro X | Microsoft’s iPad Pro Competitor ISN’T Ready...


I’ve had the Surface Pro X since the 6th of November. After using it for a couple days… I’ve sadly concluded that while this device is truly stunning and impressive hardware wise, it is not quite ready for the mass market. Due to its brand new Arm processor, the application support with Surface Pro X is very poor in contrast to the iPad Pro which has the entirety of Apple’s long established iOS app ecosystem. In this video I go over my impressions of the device, what I love about it and explain why it doesn’t stack up to iPad Pro just yet.



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  1. Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez says:

    I’m sorry but I will never EVER trust a “it will get better with time”. Usually never happens or it happens too late when the next iteration of the device comes up.

    Seems more like a place holder product then a finished one…

    Awesome video of course!

  2. Elias Dzansi
    Elias Dzansi says:

    You call the device an ipad pro competitor yet compare it's speakers to the macbook pro! Did I hear you mention premier & Davinci😁? You didn't even ask yourself who this device is made for. Pretty sure that would have answered most of your questions and guided some of your thoyhts. This is definitely a rushed if not shuddy reviews. Sad how some can't stick to context. That's what makes a great content. Yes, you called it a nice device but you're still very far from answering the two most important questions; who the Surface Pro-X is made for and what it is made for)

    I can deal with biase cuz we all have one, but to write a device off without due diligence and misguided inconsistencies, calling it a not ready, is a no. Is any device really ready, especially on its first iteration😕☺? Fun fact, the iPad has not always had this much app as it has now. (It's not until recently the app store has PROGRESSIVELY become "mature" so to say). The iPad OS is still undergoing lots of refinement likewise ios 13. Does that make it a b naaa d device? No. It's a great device still undergoing lots of refinement, although a tad bit ahead considering Apple has had lots of time to work on so much and invest in a community of developers who provide great custom apps for the iPad Pro and if Microsoft hopes to achieve this, it aught to partner with other similar device manufacturers to invest heavily and wisely in a comparable developer community.

    All the same, good effort though☺☺👍👍

  3. VanMan 23
    VanMan 23 says:

    In my opinion, the Surface Pro X is a big misstep for Microsoft. Because it doesn’t have as great of app support, it’s not much more capable than a Chromebook. It’s only good for web browsing, watching videos, and office work.

    In theory, the product should become more capable overtime as app developers optimize their apps for ARM. However, the biggest mistake Microsoft made was the price. $1,000 is simply too expensive for most people and this will result in low sales, which makes it less likely for developers to optimize apps for the tablet.

    The main reason why the iPad managed to gain the app support it has today is because Apple priced the iPad at a price that is affordable for most people. A lot of people bought the iPad and app developers created software that were optimized to iOS and the ARM processor of the tablet.

    The main take away is that Microsoft should have introduced the switch to ARM with a inexpensive device like the Surface Go. Average consumers wouldn’t mind buying a $500 Surface Go if it had an ARM processor because they’ll likely use it for basic computer tasks like office work and media consumption. With this influx of consumers buy an ARM windows computer, developers would be incentivized to create ARM-based software like what they did with the iPad. I hope Microsoft continues to pursue Windows on ARM, but they have to start with the cheapest Surface product. If the next Surface Go still uses an x86 architecture, then Windows on ARM will never take off.

  4. stockjonebills
    stockjonebills says:

    The iPad pro is a great tablet. Beautiful design and everything works well. With that said, it's still a limited IOS device. For most people surfing the web, email, youtube, messaging, painting and drawing the ipad pro is great. The reason I'd side with a surface is because I'm a power user who would also use it for work. Surface is really a laptop in a tablet format so there is no limitations with software or peripherals (mouse/keyboard support). Also IOS has no real file management. If I want to save and manage files of different types I have full control with Windows 10. Can't do that with an IOS device. Win 10 is full 64bit supporting 64bit apps etc.

    Still from a UI tablet usage perspective IOS is very nice. It all comes down to what you need. I do think MS can do better with the choice of materials for the surface and over time I hope the Windows 10 UI gets improved. People don't realize what Microsoft has done with Windows 10 is very difficult. It would be like Apple getting rid of IOS and rebuilding OSX so that its the one OS that can runs on all their devices. That is not easy at all. Apple would have to rethink the complete layout of the operating system UI to make it responsive. Rebuild OSX. Microsoft has achieved that with Windows 10 and it will only get better. It means far less OS fragmentation.

  5. Lg Marquez
    Lg Marquez says:

    Surface Pro 7 is the move instead of the X. Maybe the x will be worth it next year but for now it's a big NO!… developers have alot of work to do in order for the apps to work for the ARM architecture.

  6. DE M
    DE M says:

    Great review of this product. You’re the first reviewer who noted the lack of compatible apps for the Surface Pro X, which is ultra important for people deciding to purchase.

  7. Sam Prithvi
    Sam Prithvi says:

    a good device but because of its 32 bit ARM architecture, apps and softwares need to be developed seperately, this intern loses the function of this device being a primary device.

  8. Mr. Dragon
    Mr. Dragon says:

    Try downloading the Microsoft Edge CHromium ARM beta. I downloaded it for my Galaxy Book 2 (Snapdragon 850) and it defintely made a diffference. It even allows you to enable the use of chrome extensions.

  9. Evan168GT
    Evan168GT says:

    In my opinion, the average consumer would be perfectly fine with the iPad Air 3! Trying to hunt around for good bargains rn. Apparently you can find those are $379 in new and sealed condition!

  10. Andrew Riley
    Andrew Riley says:

    This is the problem that I have with YouTube reviewers All it takes is somebody like Marcus Brown or some big-name YouTuber to go again something that everybody follows the trend blindly. It’s funny how this device replaced both my iPad Pro 11”and Laptop both are up for sale. Again it depends on what your are using it for as my iPad can’t download external software(only from the App Store) and my laptop is just a not a flexible as my iPad. This Device is a nice sweet spot I can use it just like a tablet when I need it to be,I can use it like a laptop when I need it to be,the form factor is perfect especial the weight distribution (I stayed away from the surface 6 because of that)now when watching Netflix or taking notes it feels like my iPad but extremely useful if I have to download things outside of the apple/windows store maybe you should look at it like that and stop talking about this bullshit ecosystem not because you’re stuck into it ,that means everyone else’s.


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