Supershieldz Matte Anti-Glare Screen protector for iPad Pro 12.9" 2018 review


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I do a lot of scribbling on my iPad Pro and I prefer to have that little bit of friction when the apple pencil touches the screen. If you’re an artist, I’m sure you will also be looking for a solution for that slippery glass screen.

This is it! This screen protector is great and at the price, it is hard to beat. Do not get any other matte screen protector because most are just OVERPRICED.

Get the anti-glare screen protector here:

Shot using Sony RX100 iv S log 2 (pp7)

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7 replies
  1. Atinesh Singh
    Atinesh Singh says:

    Does it protects screen clearity, I have bought one such screen protector for my phone galaxy s8 and I can see tiny pixelation on it after applying the screen protector and it is very annoying.

  2. Judith F
    Judith F says:

    Afzainizam, I actually tried the Paperlike,because so many people were recommending it,but not only it’s so much more expensive,but in my opinion the friction is too much,it feels more like sand paper,it hurts to swipe your fingers across the screen. That’s too much. I like Supershieldz,there is also Superguardz and a few others,but i myself prefer the matte glass protector,that’s even smoother,feels like satin,you still have the friction but it feels nicer and the glass is not thick at all. I especially like the Tech Armor matte ballistic glass. Just an idea. Also much easier to apply than film


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